Tuesday, August 13, 2013

From Miss to Mrs: I Want Candy

In my last post I wrote how our guests wedding cake for dessert, except that isn't entirely the truth. Because in addition to cake, there was probably my favorite part of the wedding, a candy buffet. (And yes, this definitely DOES need an entire post devoted to it!)
Our Candy Bar
This picture was actually taken before the ceremony even started, and is missing the chocolate pieces, for fear that they would melt. Which is a little crazy considering even without them there's barely any room left over the three tables. I know some people go for colored coordinated tables with cute labels to let everyone know what they're eating. Instead I want the direction of "MUST HAVE SUGAR!" Seriously, I didn't even have enough jars to contain everything, nor could we fit everything on the tables themselves.
As for how we made it happen this post I wrote in the midst of planning has a lot of them covered. I picked up the seasonal candy in the end-of-season sales (i.e. Sweethearts at Valentine's Day, Jelly Beans after Easter), then picked up a ton of candy at Alberson's in the weeks leading up to wedding. (As well as the pixie sticks which I found on clearance at Target.) I thought about ordering it online in bulk, but I was afraid how candy shipped in a Louisiana summer would hold up.
00006 - Copy
I purchased the metal scoops online from Scoops Scoops, and found the plastics ones in the Target clearance section. The bags were ordered from Coffee Wholesale USA with printed Avery labels purchased at Office Depot.
00007 - Copy
I printed three different labels (of which I have photos of two versions). There was our married name with "Est. 2012" on it, one saying "How Sweet it is" with the actual wedding date of 9/2/12, and a third saying "Thank You for Coming" to make the point that these bags acted as our favors.
I've heard horror stories of candy bars being empty before the ceremony even starts, or brides posting signs telling people not to eat till after dinner, but ours held up really well. In fact, the photo below is from the end of the night, and while you can tell a lot had been eaten, there is still a ton left. I wound up actually bringing the leftovers into work where my department snacked on it over several weeks.
Looking back I'm really proud of how well it turned out, and love that I was able to pull it off. I would easily do it again, exactly the same way! And while I hope I get to experience another candy buffet at some point, I don't think any will ever live up to how fabulous this one was!

Have you have been to a wedding with a candy buffet, or would you want to have one at your wedding? And want candy in these pictures is just screaming "Eat me!" to you?

All photos in this post courtesy of Sabree Hill Photography with editing by me to protect privacy.

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  1. This is the best looking candy bar I have ever seen! I love that it's not color coordinated. It reminds me of an old candy shop.

  2. I like this idea. I don't know if we have money left in our budget for a candy bar, but I do love the idea. How cool!!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Yum! I love candy bars! We are considering doing a dessert bar with a smaller cake, but now I'm thinking candy may be the way to go...

    haha thanks for linking up! :)

  4. I would have loved a candy bar, but it wouldn't have held up in the Mexican heat! I've been to a few weddings with candy bars and I love them! At the last one, the guys were filling their pockets at the end of the night.

    I could do a number on those gummy bears.

  5. Your candy bar looks DELICIOUS!!! I think we are mostly doing "old fashioned" inspired candy, but I still haven't decided! I love the "must have sugar" motif for it. Would totally be me! [On that note, have you ever been to an Its Sugar?]

  6. I LOVE this! My cousin had a candy bar with some yummy choices. The only thing is they served it from oversized martini, margarita, and wine glasses to match their romance in Paris theme, so the candy was sent home in miniature glasses--but there was no way to keep it from spilling out of the glasses.

    1. I love the Paris theme! Does that mean the candy was somehow French themed as well?

      And we actually did use and over-sized martini glass too, although I don't believe it made it made it into any of the photos.

    2. I honestly can't remember what kind of candy it was (this was over five years ago). I think it was all red, white, and black since those were their colors. It was a cute set-up but not very practical with the mini glasses. (I guess the glasses were also in line with it being a candy "bar.") I love that you guys had so much variety! My husband and I are candy addicts!