Monday, May 9, 2022

5 Years Update

5 Years Old
You're 5 years old!
April 30
It's hard to believe we're here. 5 years worth of updates. I'm so glad I wrote these all down, because otherwise I know many of these details I'd forget. I know everyone says it goes by so quickly. And yes, I know it's so cliched. But when it's happening to you, it's feels so, so true. So let's get started! As I wrote when your sister turned 5, these is the last of these. When you get to be the one telling your own stories, based on your memories. I'll still be here posting pictures and adventures (assuming I can actually make that happen!), but they won't be specific to you and what's happening in your life.
May 9
For your fifth year update, no official stats since we haven't made it to the doctor yet. (Likely by the time I post this, it will have happened. And it did! Three months after your 5th birthday you were 42.5in (27%ile) and weighged 32 lbs (0.8%ile).) You're wearing mainly 4t tops and bottoms. Your shoes are size 11.
May 27 - Preschool Graduation
As I mentioned in your last update, you still are very specific about what you want to wear. Always jeans, especially tie ones. Button-down shirts, especially long sleeved. Long socks, pulled all the way up, likely not matching. And hopefully the jeans have belt loops, and then you can wear a belt.
June 11
At the end of July you fished your time at your preschool, one we'd been attending since your sister was only 3 months old. It felt like an end of an era and months later I'm still in disbelief. I know you miss it too. You were recently disappointed to realized that you won't get to celebrate Purim at your current school, since your preschool had been Jewish while your current school is Catholic.
June 14
As for friends, COVID took away a lot of the 4-year-old experience. You went to one in-person birthday the last year you were at your school, although did go to one zoom birthday. Because of that, I didn't see a lot of you interacting with your friends, but those that you spent years with at school were O, I, T, D, J, and B.
July 22
You were so excited to start at your new school because your cousin would be there with you. Thankfully for your teachers, you aren't in the same class, but his class is the one you spent with during recess. (Which has lead to some interesting confrontations when you've gotten in trouble after hitting someone that called your cousin a baby, or hit your cousin first.) Because you're spending so much time with your cousin on the playground, you haven't made a lot of close new friends, but ones you do talk about are N and M.
August 9
You playyed soccer again in the Fall, and were actually pretty good. Although by the end you were complaining that you didn't want to play soccer anymore and wanted to play Tball again. (Don't worry, you're signed up to play Tball in the Spring.) Also through the Fall you took Ninja Warrior Classes, which you really enjoyed. Recently we've signed you up for Ju Jitsu classes as well, as a way to get a bit of agression out.
September 5
You're still are a bit of a picky eater, but you have your favorites. You love eggs, and are always quite upset when we tell you we don't have enough time to make eggs every morning before school. You love cinnamon and honeybuns. You like a warmed-up croissant. You love macaroni and cheese, and would eat it every night if you could. You also love strawberries. You like the idea of dessert, but most times will eat a couple of bites and then decide you don't want anymore.
September 6
You love being able to help and do things. You love helping your dad cook in the kitchen. You received your own, real tools for your birthday and are now always asking to go to the garage to do projects. You received your own little leaf blower for Christmas and were so excited. (And yes, your birthday was in October, so that fact I'm writing about Christmas means I'm a little late.)
October 22
You are such a unique little person, with very defined likes and dislikes. You go 100 mph all the time, non-stop. But you also always want snuggles and a "true love kiss" at bedtime, and if possible always want to be on my lap on the couch. I'm still so in disbelief at how quickly it's all gone and how much of a grown-up you're quickly becoming.
5th Birthday Party
Here's a comparison with your sister at 5 Years.
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Monday, January 10, 2022

Top Books of 2021

I may have already posted my top books of the year on Instagram (and I'm pretty sure anyone reading this, is also following me there), but for traditions sake, wanted to also post them here!
2021 was another really strong reading year for me. After staying home most of 2020, doing pratically nothing, I kept the habbit of reading a ton, even as life got more back to normal. I didn't read as much as I did in 2021, but it was quite close. This year I read 84 books, and 30,853 pages. (In comparison, durring 2020, my strongest reading year ever, I read 88 books and 32,314 pages.) So here's my top 11, in the order I read them.
1. Meet Me in Bombay by Jenny Ashcroft
I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway, and it was such a pleasant surprise. The majority of it take places in India durring World War I. There's a romace that's a bit heartbreaking. I reminded me a bit of one of my favorites, A Little Princess. Even thought I read it durring early January, it's one that stayed with me.
2. Happily Ever Afters by Elise Bryant
I won this one too, although from another Bookstagramer. It's a YA, and under normal circumstances, I would have enjoyed it. However, it took place in my hometown of Long Beach, California. Getting to read and experience my hometown through a book was amazaing. It brought back memories of high school, and it had such a feeling of nostolgia for me.
3. Yellow Wife by Sadeqa Johnson
Yes, another one I won in a Goodreads giveaway. (I promise this is the last one for a while!) This book is heartbreaking, and it's hard to say you enjoy it. But it's one that stays with you. It takes place in Virginia durring slavery. It isn't an easy read, but definitely one I'd recommend.
4. Yellow Springs Road by Janie Chang
Last year I really enjoyed Janie Chang's newest book, Library of Legends. I had loved her debut years ago (This is the post I wrote about it), so this year decided to purchase (yes, I actually bought this one!), her last book which I had missed. I've loved all her books so much! They all take place in China, and while historical, each has a bit of magic mixed it. They're a bit hard to describe, since there's nothing really like them, but I've loved them each so much.
5. Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon
I know so many people love Rachel Lynn Solomon, but this was much first book by her. It's a YA, and aspects of it reminded me of my college experience. The reason it spoke so much to me though, is a lot due to the Jewish representation. I don't remember reading a lot of books about Jewish girls growing up (besides those that were historical), and wish books like this had been there for me.
6. Enchantress by Maggie Anton
I discovered Maggie Anton years ago with her Rashi's Daughter trilogy. (Here's the post I wrote years ago when I finished reading the trilogy.) She hasn't writtin much else, but did write two books that take place in biblical times. There's nothing else out there really like her books! It's such a unique period in history especailly seeing these aspects of Judism.
7. Well Played by Jen DeLuca
This is a second in a Romance trilogy, the first of which was on my favorites list last year. I love how these books take place at the Renassiace Faire, and it brings me back to all the years I spent going to our local faire.
8. Moloka'i by Alan Brennert
Another historical fiction so heartbreaking at times, that's it hard to use the word love. It takes place in Hawaii, in a leporasy colony. It spands several decades, and it such an amazing story. It's one you don't forget.
9. Frankie & Bug by Gayle Forman
Another Goodreads win! The last of those on the list. This was full of nostalgia for me (clearly a theme that gets books on this list for me). It takes place in the 80s in L.A.. It's deeper than I realized it would be, but given the time and location, it shouldn't have been too much of a surprise.
10. The Women of Chateau Lafayette by Stephanie Dray
This is the 4th year a book by Stephanie Dray has been on one of my lists. (To be fair, one year she wasn't in the top 10, but made my honorable mention list.) Like her others, this was in historical. It's told over three timelines, the American and French Revolutions, World War I, and World War II. Each was such a unique persepcetive, and even with it's length it's one I couldn't put down.
11. The Matzah Ball by Jean Meltzer
A Romance about Hanukkah?!? Such an amazing idea to me! This felt just like a Hallmark Holiday Movie, except centered around Hanukkah. Like many others on this list, It's one I loved because of how I related to it, and saw so much of myself and culter within its pages.

To see my favorite books from years' past go here: