Monday, July 19, 2021

4 Years Update

4 Years Old
You're 4 years old!
July 1 - Heading back to daycare after 3.5 months!
I feel like a blinked and you went overnight from being a baby to an actual kid. It's so hard to really grasp that we're completely out of the baby years here. Who would have thought it goes by so quickly, especially from the other side.
July 18
No official stats since at the time I'm writing this (over 3 months past year actual birthday), we've yet to take you for your 4 year check-up. We'll see if that changes by the time I post this. You are wearing size 10.5 shoes, 4t tops, and 3t bottoms. Or least 3t bottoms that have some type of drawstring. Otherwise 2t might fit in the waist.
August 9
For your birthday we talked about inviting a couple of friends over, but for a variety of reasons, that didn't work out. We did instead invite your cousin over for cupcakes, which was still a lot of fun. But not what we would have planned otherwise. You actually haven't been to a single birthday party since July (#lifeduringcovid), but did get invited to a Zoom party with Elsa.
August 16
You have quite the personality. I'm not even sure how to really discribe it! You're always saying some of the craziest things. ("When can I have my own shed? I'll put my tractor, pushing lawn mower, and bike in it and it will always stay clean.") Or that one of your favorite Christmas presents was a robe, which you call a bra, which leads to phrases like, "Will you hang my bra up just like Sissy's?"
August 19
In terms of food, you have your defined favorites. You love a charcuterie board, always asking for cheese and salami for dinner. For lunch at school, you want the same thing every day (cheese and turkey sandwhich, yogurt, and fruit). And on the days we pack something different you likely won't eat it. You still love tacos and quesdillas. And since I'm pretty sure I haven't written in here, there was that time over the summer where you asked for a salt sandwhich because "I've never had that before." So we sprinkled some salt on a piece of bread which you then ate and asked for another one.
August 31
You love fire trucks and fire fighters. The highlight of most days is when we get to drive by the fire station on the way to your school to see if the trucks are out. Of course you still love tractors, flat-bed trucks, box trucks, buses.... basically anything with wheels. And of course you love playing "box man" which consists of putting a bunch of boxes on a chair and pretending it's a dolly.
September 15
We did start chapters books, which I was really excited about. We started with Dragon Masters' Rise of the Earth Dragon, which you really liked. You then picked Henry Huggins by Beverly Clearly, solely due to the fact there was a dog on the cover. That one has taken a little bit longer to get through and we'll read a chapter in several sittings, but you're still a fan.
September 17
You love jeans. Each day you complain if I don't put you in jeans because "they have pockets." You're always asking, "When can I have my own belt?" I'm sure one of the best parts for when you finally start school will be getting to wear a belt. (Although, they aren't technically required till Kindergartnen.)
September 27
You are so much fun and such a character. One that definitely tests all our patience. But you're still so snuggly and love to tell me, "You're the best Mommy ever." Your dad and I alternate putting you and your sister to sleep each night and the nights I put your sister to sleep you always want me to come snuggle with you after.
October 13
I'm still in awe of how much you've grown and the little man you're becoming. And especially knowing how quickly these first four years have gone, I can only imagine how quickly it will feel after four more when you're 8, then 12, 16....
October 24
Here's a comparison with your sister at 4 Years.
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Monday, June 28, 2021

In Memory

A couple days ago I shared the photo below to my Instagram stories. I saw it pop-up in my Instagram memmories from 3 years ago, and as adorable as the photo was, wanted to share it.

When looking through my story's views I was surprised to see my grandmother's username listed. I knew she hadn't been doing very well and didn't think she was using her phone anymore. But seeing her name excited me. Maybe she was doing better than expected! And if she did have her phone, I should call her.

Three days later I was driving to pick up school uniforms from a friend. Her sons had outgrown them, and my son would need them for the school he was starting in the fall. Under normal circumstances I'd call my grandmother in the car while driving home from work. Honestly, without a commute, that didn't happen very much lately, but I did still occasionally call her when I was parked outside during my duaghter's dance class. I thought about calling her on the drive over, but hadn't been to this friend's house before and knew I'd need my phone to navigate. I made the decision that once I picked up the clothes, I'd call her on my way to pick up my son from preschool.

As I was turning into her neighborhood, my dad called. I silenced the phone since I was only a couple turns away, and told msyelf as soon as I picked up the clothes from her porch I'd call my dad back first and then my grandma.

Except, as you might guess by the fact I'm actually writing something here, that didn't happen. Instead my dad was calling to tell me that my grandmother had died about an hour ago.

My grandma had turned 89 earlier this year, so it wasn't too much of a surprise, even when my dad told me it was close a couple of weeks ago. I know the last decade especially has been really hard for her. She lost my grandfather just over 11 years ago, and then my mom, her daughter, 18 months after that. About 3 years ago she had a bad fall and had to move out of the retirment community she had lived in with my grandfather. And then of course there was COVID. I would talk to her and she'd tell me how alone she was, how they'd bring her food and she'd eat in her room, alone, by herself. She had lost so many loved one throughout the years, and her life was so different from what it once was barely 10 years ago.

With all that said, I'll still miss her. Similar to the posts I wrote when my grandpa and my mom died, I wanted to share a handful of photos of her looking back on her life.
img008 black dress w mom cooking Manzanillo Las Hadas Nov 1985001 img032 Towson Diner 00071 "IMG_2843 IMG_2381 IMG_3507

Monday, January 25, 2021

3 2/3 Years Update

3 2/3 Years Old
You're 3 2/3 years old!
February 29
Talk about the world changing since I last posted! The last update I wrote was in early March and since then we're in a whole new world. Mid-March is when the world shut down for Covid-19. Your baseball season uprubtly ended, your daycare closed and you were sent home for "2 weeks" until the virus got in control. Excecpt 2 weeks very quickly spiraled out of control...
March 10 - Purim
I will say that being in a house with your sister, with both parents working from home, we barely survived it, you especially. I don't want to relive a lot of the details, but let's just say events led to all the outlets in your rooming being changed out with blank plates and your dad bonding with a woman in the aisles of Walmart on the best way to clean-up a mixture of baby powder, lotion, and toothpaste from carpet. (See photo below) If you're wondering the answer is to let it dry and then scrape it up!
March 15
On the last day we picked you up your teacher told us to work on potty training. Let's just say it's a good thing we were home for more than 2 weeks! The worst of it was the day you decided to paint the inside of your closest during naptime, and no, it wasn't with chocolate. But we've made it to the other side, and we've managed to move on!
March 28
In June things in Louisiana started to open back up. (Just in time for cases to spike back up, but that's a different story!). At the end of June your tball season resumed with a bunch of new rules (no handshakes, no bleachers open, parents wearing masks). But you didn't care because you were having fun playing ball with your cousin.
April 1 - Front Porch Pictures
Also in June we were able to do our summer swin lessons which you've done really well at. We spent many a day at our nieghborhood pool this summer (basically for the first time ever) and you're practically to the point where you can swim on your own.
April 9
Even more exciting in July you were finally able to go back to daycare! You spent the month of July in your old Zikiot class, before moving to Paparim in August. (And yes, you were 3 2/3 years at the end of June. But you're not 4 yet, so it works!) It's hard to believe you're currently in the oldest class at your school! Especially since we've been going there since February 2015 when your sister started. But next year you'll be moving on and finally again be at the same school with your sister starting Pre-k.
April 18
Over these last few months there's been a lot of tv and movie watching. You and your sister have basically binged watched the entire series of Dr McStuffins. There's been a few movies that have gotten on a ton of views Onward initially in quarantine, then The Rescuers for a while, followed up with Bolt, but lately it's Kung Fu Panda.
May 31
You're still obsessed with all things that move. Tractors, garbage trucks, mail trucks, etc.... To be honest part of the success of getting you potty trained involved the promise of your own tractor. You love all books about trucks and construction. A few favorites are Avi the Ambulance, Little Excavator, BuildaBlock, and Building Our House. Other favorites, on different topics are are How I Met My Monster and Randy Riley's Really Big Hit.
June 5
The year your sister turned 4 was big on birthday parties and making friends. Unfortunatly, it doesn't look like this is going to be the same type of birthday party year for you. Although you did go to one friend's pool party this summer and we're talking about having a couple friends over to swim for your birthday. Even without parties, you're still good friends with O and I in your class. (And also still talk about F, who didn't go back to school after they reopened.)
June 10
This update has definitely been like no other I've written before. But then again life has been like no other lately. Hopefully by the time I sit down to write the next one of these updates things are a little more normal, but it's hard to see when or how that will happen at this point.
June 20
Here's a comparison with your sister at 3 2/13 Years.
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