Monday, March 2, 2020

4 1/2 Years Update

4 1/2 Years Old
You're 4 1/2 Years old!
December 22
Practically a grown up! You're wearing a mix of 4 and 5 clothes and size 10 shoes.
January 2
You're about to start big kid school, which I can hardly believe. But you'll soon be off to Pre-K at the same school we expect you to be at till 8th grade. One of your best friends from your pre-school won't be there, but several of the other girls from your old school will. A couple of boys as well, one of which is in your new class.
January 11
You still love books and you love being read to. One of your current favorites in Pinkalicious. We're also still in the midst of chapter books, currently reading Sophie the Mouse.
February 14
We don't watch a lot of TV, but when we do it tends to be PBS kids. Of which your favorite show is Pinkalicious (sensing a theme here?). You're also a big fan of movies. You've learned we have a ton of movies in the house and are working your way through them all. It's hard to say if you have a favorite, maybe the Toy Story movies?
March 17
You'll be playing soccer again in the fall. Also the gymnastics program you did at your daycare has a session at your new school, so you'll be doing one there as well. You took swimming lessons over the summer and are at the point where you can swim a few strokes on your own.
April 5
For favorite foods, you love peanut butter sandwiches and will also choose to go to Cane's because of Cane Sauce. In all honesty you're a pretty good eater, although you've definitely picked up your Mommy's sweet tooth.
April 24
Again, I can hardly believe how big you've gotten. Especially now that you're about to start "big school." It's like a completely new chapter of your life that I'm not sure I'm quite ready for.
April 24
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Monday, February 24, 2020

2 3/4 (and 2 1/2) Years Update

2 1/2 Years Old
You're 2 3/4 years old!
2 3/4 Years Old
Which yes, means this is also your 2 1/2 years update.
February 9
February 16
You're 23 lbs and 2 oz (0%ile). It's an official weight since we were at the dr recently for an ear infection. Although it's the first you've had since you had tubes just over a year ago. You're wearing a mix of 12 and 18 month clothes. You're wearing size 8 shoes (although I think you technically can squeeze into your old 6s.) We actually just started potty training and you're doing pretty good. But before that you were wearing 2T pull-ups.
February 23
You have become such a character. You've developed this evil mastermind-type laugh, that I can't quite get over. You want to do everything your sister is doing, which I guess has been a common theme. In addition to calling her Kay-Kay which you've done for a while now, you've also started to call her Sissy.
March 3
Food is still a struggle, in that if your not hungry you just won't eat. But we can normally count on you to eat hamburgers, chicken, burritos, or cheese. But I will say at your last appointment, you had the highest percentile in weight since you were just a couple of month old.
March 17
After seeing your big sister go to party after party, you finally got to go to one of your own. You had a blast at the park at O's party playing with your friends from school O, KA, and P.
April 22
April 24
You got a tool bench for Christmas which is one of your favorites. You love to pick up tools and go around fixing things. You've even corrected me a few times when I haven't named the tool right. You're still obsessed with tractors and lawn mowers, although construction equipment is pretty up there too. Any time we're driving around you're quick to spot any equipment we drive by.
May 3
You do love playing in the play kitchen mixing stuff up. We actually bought you a train table for Christmas, and while we may not like playing with it that much, you do love destroying it. Other favorites are playing "mobiles" (Playmobils) or board games.
May 25
You are constantly non-stop, on the go. It can definitely be difficult for you to calm down and listen, but it's a work in progress. You're just a crazy and wild bundle of energy. It's hard to believe what a little person you've turned into.
July 7
Here's a comparison with your sister at 2 1/2 Years and 2 3/4 Years.
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2 3/4 Years
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