Monday, June 10, 2019

4 Years Update

4 Years
You're 4 years old! I can hardly believe it. Where on earth has the time gone?!?
August 21
At your 4 year doctor appointment you were 41 in tall (77th%ile). You weighed 29 lbs (6th%ile). You're mainly wearing 4t clothes and are still wearing size 9 shoes.
September 19
We've started reading chapter books at bedtime, and you're really enjoying them. So far we've read Socks and Beezus and Ramona, both by Beverly Clearly, The Rise of the Earth Dragon by Tracey West, and The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale. On the other hand, on nights where your Daddy puts you to sleep you play board games together. Your current favorite is "Monsters" (Kingdom of Tokyo). According to him you love earning token and exchanging them to buy things.
October 6
It's finally gotten to the point where your brother is really old enough to play with you. It's awesome for you because now you have a playmate who is willing to do basically whatever you tell him to.
October 31
We're at the point where we've had a couple of teacher conference, and so far the message is the same, you're a leader, which is good, unless you're leading people to do the wrong thing. You definitely want to be in charge and want to make sure everyone is doing exactly what you want to do.
November 15
Of course, through this all you have some great friends. I is still a favorite, and C seems to be another great friend as well. And lucky for you a handful of your classmates will be with you when you start your new school next year.
November 16
You're so opinionated and you know exactly what you want. Of course what you think is always 100% correct. We've already gotten in a few arguments such as when you told me you KNEW you were getting invited to a birthday party even though we hadn't gotten an invitation yet. (Turns out, you were right!) Of course, I can already see what these fights will look in 10 years when you're a teenager!
December 2
You've gotten so big, and yet you're still so little. You still love being carried around. While you can go to the bathroom by yourself, you'd much rather have company with you when you do so. You still need 3 million things before going to bed (the fan on, the knot game, to kiss your cabbage patch dolls) and as much as I might complain walking back up the stairs each night, I know pretty soon you're going to be too big to tuck in... which is so crazy I can't even articulate!
4th Birthday Party
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Monday, March 11, 2019

24 Months Update

24 Months
You're 2 years old!
August 25
I can hardly believe it. Two just sounds so old. And yet, in a way, you're still so, so little.
September 2
For a few official stats, at your 2 year appointment you weighed 19 lbs 2 oz (0%ile). You were 31.9 in tall (3rd%ile). Your head circumference was 47 cm (11.6%ile).
September 15
You're mainly wearing 12 months, with a couple of 18 months tops thrown in. You're wearing size 6 shoes. (And if you had your say about shoes, you'd always, always want to wear your boots.)
September 23
As I said in my last update, you're talking non-stop. A recent update though has been singing. For example, on the drive home today as it was raining, I hear in the back seat, "Rain, rain go away, another day." Or while changing you into pajamas to go to sleep, it was a perfect for "Jingle bells, jingle bells, all the way!"
September 28
Speaking of going to sleep, your are still sleeping with at least one, sometime two My Little Ponies. (After all, they are perfectly handheld, and the most essential part, they have hair.) But you've also started to collect things in your bed as you're sleeping. Tonight for example, in bed with you was a pony, stuffed dinosaur, stuffed tiger, stuffed skeleton, giant giraffe pillow you received for Christmas (and yes, I am writing this 2 months late), as well as a plastic tractor, and plastic dinosaurs.
September 30
Dinosaurs are one of your current favorites, along with trucks, tractors, or lawnmowers. You have a dump truck you love filling with stuff and dragging all around the house. Or instead, you'll sit on the tricycle (a 2nd birthday present) or fire truck (a 1st birthday present) and ride them around the house. Both of them also have hidden compartments for storage, so you're constantly hiding things in them in addition to your yellow chair (also a 1st birthday present).
Explore Yard Fun
October 9
You recently have started being afraid of monster or Bergens (the bad guys from Trolls). Nothing crazy, but you won't willingly go into a room by yourself or when it's dark since there might be a monster. Luckily you'll often find your older sister is willing to accompany you.
October 13
You still love your big sister, and want to do anything she's doing. For an interesting turn, now she wants to copy everything your doing. It makes it so much fun when one of you is doing something they shouldn't as soon as one stops the other starts instead for a vicious cycle. One of which would be jumping on the couch. Although I do have it admit it is pretty adorable that every time you jump on the couch you yell out, "No monkeys jumping on the couch!"
October 24
It's funny because while I can't quite believe how big you are, you still seem so much smaller than your sister was at this age. I'm sure it's a second child thing. Either way though, it's crazy how these past 2 years have flown by and that I can barely even remember you as a newborn. Hopefully now that I'm in less of a newborn fog, I'm able to remember more of these adorable details from 2!
2nd Birthday Party
Here's a comparison with your sister at 24 months.
2 Years OldIMG_5558
24 Months
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