Tuesday, October 5, 2021

6 Years Update

6 Years Old
A year ago, really more than a year ago, given how long it's taken me to write this, I said my daughter had graduated from the blog. And while yes, that's true in a way (especially since I don't really write here anymore), I never planned for her to disappear completely. I won't be sharing her height and weight or particular likes and dislikes or who her friends are. But I always planned on sharing something. So here finally, are much belated photos, to celebrate turning 6!
December 25 IMG_5665
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December 18 - 6th Birthday Party
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Monday, October 4, 2021

4 1/2 Years Update

4 1/2 Years Old
You're 4 1/2 years old!
November 21
We even have official stats this month. Only though, because by the time we took you to your 4 year check-up, we were 6 months late. Regardless though, you were 41 inches tall (35.9%ile) and weighed 29 lbs (0.63%ile). You're wearing mainly 4t tops and 3t bottoms. We just bought you a new pair of shoes for the fall and they're size 11.
December 13
Speaking of clothes you have a very defined style. You want to wear long jeans, preferably buttons, not tie, even in the heat of summer. (You'd also wear long-sleaved shirts too.... but those may have magically disappeared from your room.) You want to wear button shirts (aka colared button-down shirts). We've made sure to buy you extra pairs of each so you have enough to wear each day of the week.
January 7
You still aren't a huge eater, but do have your favorites. You love a sandwhich, especailly one with meat and cheese. You're also a big fan of hummus and crackers. Mac and Cheese and quesdillas are other good options. Plus those times you'll ask for a protein shake, taking after your dad. Then there's breakfast. Quarantine definitely got you used to have a large breakfast every day. Some of your favorites are egg and cheese sandwhich, "smashed-up eggs," scrambled eggs with truffle gouda, french toast, or cinnomon toast. You do love cinnomon, and once decided to eat a spoonful a cinnamon because you loved it so much. (Turns out, it's not that great, all at once, by itself!)
February 1
Next fall you'll you be starting at your sister's school. (Which means our daycare which we attended since March 2015, will be no more!) You keep saying how excited you are to go to Kindergarten, then we have to remind you, you'll be starting Pre-k. You're so excited though because your cousin (who is 6 weeks younger than you) will be there too. At least one friend from your current daycare will be joining you. (Given Covid, and the lack of interactions I've had with the other parents, I'm not sure where most will actually be going.)
February 20
On the subject of school and friends, your two closest friends are O and I. Of course neither will be attending school with you next you, but one of them should be going to Hebrew school with you.
February 26 - Purim
You played soccer this Spring. About half the time you actually played scoring goals even. The other half, you basically stood around and refused to participate. You played tball over the Summer, and actually compared to last year did quite well, actually trying to get the ball on the field. You did swimming lessons as well, and while not a full swimmer yet, you're strong enough to jump in and swim to the side on your own.
March 5
You still love all things that move. Tractors, lawn mowers, fire trucks, police cars.... every day it's so exciting on the drive when you see one. You even had the chance to use the leaf blower are your Nana's recently, which blew your mind. You're constantly asking me how old do I have to be to have my own lawn mower or motorcycle or tractor or something else.
March 21
You have somehow turned into this crazy little person. Sometimes it's hard to believe. It's just so crazy to read back through these updates I've written and see how much has changed and yet how much stays the same. (Who would have thought after having a lawn mower themed party when you turned 2, you'd still be obsessed with them!) I'm definitely intrigued to see what else changes and what else stays the same in the years to come, but also wish things would slow down, even just a little.
April 9
Here's a comparison with your sister at 4 1/2 Years.
4 1/2 Years
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