Monday, October 26, 2020

5 Years Update

5 Years Old
You are 5 years old!
June 24
I remember years and years ago, on Girl's Gone Child, Rebecca Woolf wrote how 5 was the age her kids graduated from the blog. It was when it stopped being her story and their own story started. I've always thought that made sense. It's the year you start school and longtime friends begin. Even before I was pregnant I planned to do the same with my future children. And somehow we're here and I can hardly believe it. Wasn't it yesterday you were born? How on earth have these years flown by so quickly?
July 20
So for one final time, here are a couple of stats for you. At your 5th year check-up you were 44 inches tall (76th%ile) and weighed 35 lbs (15th%ile). You're wearing a mix of 4t and 6t clothes and size 11 shoes.
August 12
In the fall you started Pre-K at a brand new school. A handful of others from your Preschool were there too and while all 4 girls wound up in different classes, one of the boys was in your class. It took you a bit to adjust. Previously you had been a bit of a Queen Bee and it took you a while to realize not everyone would play exactly what you wanted. But after a couple of weeks into the school year you had quickly made new friends, especially with E.
August 31
In the fall you played soccer with one of your old friends from preschool. For the spring you're signed up to play again, this time with a group of girls from your new school. You also doing tumbling on Tuesdays after school and are slightly upset that I never signed you up to play after school basketball as well!
October 9
You still love books. We've been continuing with early chapter book series. Recent favorites there have been Princess in Black and Ivy and Bean. Others non-chapter books that you really enjoy are the Pinkalicious series and Elephant and Piggie series.
October 19
One big change of your new school is that they have a cafeteria. After bringing your lunch initially you quickly insisted you wanted to eat there every day. Doing so has actually introduced you to salads were previous you hadn't really tried. Overall though you aren't a picky eater. Some favorites are gumbo, spaghetti, soup, cereal, and pretty much any dessert.

October 27
You don't watch a ton of tv, but a favorite would likely be Pinkalicious. Instead we're much more likely to be watching movies. You recently saw Frozen 2 in theaters and really liked it. Other favorites have been any of the Toy Story movies or Trolls.
November 10
It's hard to believe this is the last of these type of updates I'll be writing. I want to say that you'll still be on the blog, but that would mean I actually need to sit down and write, which as we've seen doesn't happen often. It's crazy to think that your baby-hood is over and you've basically your own person now.
December 11
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Monday, October 5, 2020

3 1/3 (and 3) Years Update

3 Years Old
3 1/3 Years Old
You're 3 1/3 years old!
August 6
August 12
Or I guess more importantly you were 3 years old in October! At least I'm remembering to take these pictures. Although at the time I'm writing this I have yet to take you 3 1/3 year picture, so we'll see if that actually happens.
August 24
September 15
At your 3 year visit you were 35.5 inches tall (10th%ile) and weighed 24 lbs and 16 ozs (up to the 1st%ile!). Your wearing a mix of 18 month and 2t bottoms mixed in with some 3t tops. For shoes, you're in size 8.
September 21
September 30
You had a blast at your 3rd birthday. You had a bunch of your friends from school there to play with you at the "jump-y place." It was themed "Things That Go," which is perfect for you. All the time when we're driving you're pointing out fire trucks or motorcycles or lawn mowers to me. You have no problem correcting me either saying things like "No that's an backhoe, not an excavator!"
October 12
October 20
This past Fall you played soccer with one of your friends from school and had a great time. In the Spring, you can't wait to play Tball with your cousin. You love LSU sports, especially Joe Burrow. You have a Joe Burrow jersey and if you could, you'd wear it everyday. You'll ask "When I'm a grown-up, can I play baseball with Daddy and Joe Burrow?" and don't quite understand all the reasons why it can't happen.
October 24
October 27
Potty training is still a bit of a work in progress. Some days are better than others, but I figure, you'll get it out eventually, right?
October 31
November 28
Your absolute favorite food is tacos. If doesn't matter what it is, if it's in a tortilla you'll eat. And yes, we've tried it... anyone else ever eat jambalaya in a tortilla?
December 25
January 13
You are all boy. So destructive and constantly on the go. But you have a sweet side to you too. You still give hugs and kisses and will tell me, "best mommy ever."
February 15
February 22
In some ways I can't wait for you to get a little bit older. Maybe you'll listen a little better then... maybe you'll actually be using the potty then... but then again, I think I'd miss how little and adorable you are now.
Here's a comparison with your sister at 3 Years and 3 1/13 Years.
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