Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazy Saturday

So we went and saw Revolutionary Road last night. I was pretty good... Ok... We went and saw the 10:15 show, so it was a little late, and the movie doesn't really keep you on the edge of your seat. But Kate and Leo both acted quite well. And well Leo looked hot the whole time. But the ending, wow... I wasn't really expecting that.

Today, has been a little lazy. Haven't quite got everything I wanted to do done. I did do 4 loads of laundry (at the same time, one of the benefits of using the one site laundry facility). I did one load of sheets, along with a mattress pad. I guess you're not supposed to put mattress pads in a heater dryer? Because the stretchy part is now pretty much hard and disintegrating. I do still have to fold 3 loads of clothes though.

For brunch, ok really a late lunch, I made feta and eggs.
Eggs and Feta

Kind of like a mix between an omelet and scrambled eggs. I like omelets a lot, but don't like how some of the eggs wind up being uncooked in the middle, so I tried my best here.

Then I actually scrapbooked! My first time since last July. It was pretty exciting. The page itself, ehh.. I'm not too happy about it. I wanted to do blue backgrounds, but since most pages I do have blue backgrounds, well... I don't really have a lot of blue paper left. So I improvised.

If you're curious this is a scrapbook from my trip to France in summer 2005. So yes, I am a bit behind schedule on this.

I apologize for the photo being blurry. My camera had no charge left, and I was attempting to take the picture before the camera shut of due to lack of power.

So, after looking to the right and seeing the huge stack of clean clothes I really must go. Folding awaits!


Thursday, January 29, 2009


Turns out my favorite plates aren't microwave safe. I was heating up my dinner (aka a Kashi frozen bread pocket sandwich), and started to smell something smokey. I figured that was just my food. It must have a smokey flavor. Umm... not so much. See my plates are square and they don't really rotate. So the same part of the plate was sitting in front of the heat the whole time. And that part of the plate, kind of melted. There were like litte bubbles and flakes of pastic all over the plate. I ate the sandwhich anyway. If you don't hear back from me, I might have died.

The door to the mircowave is currently open, so hopefully it will air out before I make my Betty Crocker Warm Delight.


P.S. I actually worked out today! You should be proud

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cough Cough

Or really should I say sneeze sneeze. I'm sick. It's not that bad, just sneezing and a runny nose, and my throat doesn't feel good. Although their have been times off and on this afternoon where I that it was just really bad allergies (they have been pretty bad with all the dust from moving). But I think it is a cold, with my allergies making it worse.

Of course since I don't feel well, I used that as an excuse to not do my work-out video. ::sigh:: And the Boy wasn't even here today, so I've had the apartment to myself since I've been here. I am planning on working out tomorrow. Really! Assuming I don't stop by where I used to work after school and visit the kids and my old co-workers. So we'll see.

I figured though, if I wasn't going to be working out I should at least do something productive. Thus I decided to unpack. We have almost finished unpacking everything, which is nice. And once I finish I will post pictures. I only have one suitcase of clothes left, which is good because today I had to start putting my overflow clothes in the closet in the spare bedroom. I guess you could say I need less cloths. But really, I think I just need a bigger closet!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Broken Promises...

So when we were looking for a new apartment I made a vow to myself that I couldn't sit around and watch TV and be on the Internet all the time. I really wanted an apartment with a fitness center, and that didn't quite happen. So I told myself I just needed to do work-out videos and I'd be fine. How's that going for me...

Well, the first two days (once I actually had a TV and DVD player) I actually did an hour of Pilate's each day. Then it was the weekend and I figured I could take the weekend off. Then yesterday, I got home from work and the Boy was watching Sports Center. I prob could have asked him if I could use the TV, and he would have said yes (He wants me to lose the 10 lbs-ish I've gained in the past 6 months just as much as I do), but I would have felt weird doing them in front of him. And today, he was here again. He left for a tutoring appointment just before 6, which gave me an hour before American Idol/The Biggest Loser started. But yeah.... So not the food I wanted to start off on...

Speaking of doing nothing but watching TV, The Bachelor was on last night. My Highlights... I really like Stephanie, but didn't really see a lot of chemistry between the two of them until they kissed. And it was def a hot kiss.

You could kind of tell Jason wasn't feeling Lauren. He almost seemed offended by her, but was trying to be nice to her. I thought before elimination Lauren and Shannon would be going home, but was really surprised that he sent Megan home too. Well, not that surprised. It didn't seem like they really knew each other. They relationship just seemed so formal compare to everyone else's. But I liked Megan, so I wanted to think if they had more time something could happen.

My pick for the final two. Stephanie and Melissa. (Melissa was really cute last night) So we'll see...

Now both American Idol and The Biggest Loser are starting so I'm out!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Ramblings

Everything is officially moved to the new apartment. Put away not so, but inside.

The Boy and I went to the mall this morning. I has craving Chick-fil-a, but being Sunday, they were not open. We though about Raising Cane's (Louisiana's version of Chick-fil-a), but wound up going to Quizno's.

The goal of the trip was to buy the boy a jacket for the wedding he's in within the next few weeks. Didn't quite happen. I did get a pair of heels to wear to work though. Greatly needed considering the one pair of shoes my feet let me wear to work have a broken heel. We looked around at chairs at bookshelves, but didn't quite find anything. Sear was selling a bar stool ridiculously cheap at $15, but unfortunately, we have no bar.

So here I am sitting in the living room surrounded by books. I figure I'll pack stuff up during commercials? Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters aren't on, but I figure I'll watch the Duggar Wedding Special tonight. Yes, I am a Duggar fan, have been for a while actually. I remember Junior year of college watching their first special 14 Children and Pregnant again, and now they're up to 18! It has to be said I have a slight obsession with large families and especially with multiples (The Dilleys, The McCaughey, The Gosselins). Obsessed much?

Anyways, here's to unpacking! Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Turns out...

I'm currently eating one of Amy's Shepherd's Pies. I really like their stuff. I've never had their shepherd's pie before, but it's pretty good. Their burritos are probably my favorite. I normally buy these (or Kashi) frozen foods, because I feel like their healthier. More organics, more whole grains, more veggies, and more exciting than just Lean Cuisine. Unfortunately, like all frozen foods they are high in salt. I mean looking at the nutritional facts we have:
4g of fat (0g saturated, 0g trans) 6%DV
0mg cholesterol
5g Sugar
27g Carbs (Of which only 19% is sugar) 9% dv
5g Fiber 20dv
5g protein (It is vegan)
50%dv Vitamin A
30%dv Vitamin C
10%dv Calcium
15%dv Iron
590mg Salt 25%DV
If only we could break down the salt. But o well...

Moving on. Remember a few weeks back when I talked about how you could no longer talk on your phone is Louisiana? Well I mentioned it to the girls at work. One of them said, "I though the new law was you couldn't text while driving?" Well one of my co-workers was proactive and actually looks it up online.

The law officially is (or maybe not so officially since I haven't actually looked it up myself to check):

You are no longer allowed to text while driving.
If you are under age 18 you are not allowed to talk while driving.

So I guess I can go back to calling people in the car! Good to know!

I really should go, so I can continue to unpack the new apartment. Not that everything is moved over here yet. Primarily my dresser, which makes is awfully difficult to unpack clothes. But we shall see!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Horses and the NEW Apartment

So we started house-sitting as of last Tuesday. The Boy's parents left early Wednesday morning and were gone till late Saturday night. Leaving us in the charge of the house and more importantly the animals. 5 horses, 2 cats, and 1 dog. And I'm not really an animal person. Not that I have anything against them. My parents had cats my whole life. I think there was literally a time frame of 1 month when my parents haven't had at least 1 cat my entire life (at the moment they have 5). When I was in 4th grade we got our first dog. She is still alive, (old but alive) and when I was in college my parents got a second dog. I think it's the fact that since they were always animals around me there were something that was just there. Sure I enjoy cuddling with some of the cats when I'm home, but it's not like I really miss any of the animals.

Anyways so the way our schedule worked out was the Boy would feed the horses in the morning and I would at night. Of course I don't get off work till 5. And since his parents live pretty much in the middle of nowhere, it would take me 1 and a half hours to get to the house. So it was dark by the time I got there. Last time we house sit the horses were arranged so I could just drop the food into buckets over the fence. This time, not so much. I had to walk through the pen with the 3 moms in order to get to the babies. And one of the mom's was currently pregnant, so as you might imagine she wasn't in the best mood. And then there was the fact that the pens were pretty much mud pits, and since it was dark avoid puddles was pretty much impossible. Yeah, overall not so much fun, but I survived.

The only thing I really do enjoy about house-sitting it the fact that they get expanded cable. Which means WE. And of course their wedding programming. Bridzillas. Platinum weddings. Sooo addictive. Unfortunately his parents got back on Saturday night, and WE was only airing their wedding shows last week on Sunday. A whole days worth of shows, I could have been watching. Even though we stay till Monday (when we got to move to the apartment) I would have felt a little odd having them see me watch wedding shows. "Here I am dating your son, not engaged to him, and I'm watching hour after hour of wedding TV." Not so much...

Moving on to better news... the apartment! It all happened so quickly. First off we wanted a 1 bedroom apartment in price category A. However, we every complex that rented apartments in that category was full. Moving up a price set to category B, there were 1 bedrooms at several places available. But the complexes that had 1 bedrooms in A had 2 bedrooms in B. So we figured if were going to pay a higher price we might as well get more room.

We had marketing material for our complex so I came by Saturday, January 10, to fill out an application. We got approved on Monday? I think it might have been Tuesday, to move in the following Monday. So two days ago on my lunch hour I drove to the apartment complex and signed a lease! And since it was Martin Luther King Jr. day then, the boy's didn't have school. So him, his dad, and some friends spent the rest of the day moving furniture in. It's mostly stuff that his parents had kept in storage, so it isn't the nicest of stuff, and it doesn't really match, but it's free! We're not completely moved yet, there's still some stuff at the old house, but every day after work this week I've picked up a carload of stuff, we're making progress. Overall it's coming together.

We are kinda short on somethings. Like the fact that we have a dinning table and no chairs. I would LOVE to go to Ikea, but unfortunately the closest one is in Texas (Houston maybe?) and an 8 hour drive away. I think it's worth it! Hell, I'd go just for their Swedish meatballs. But the boy, not so much. So we'll see. I will post pictures eventually, once we're more moved in and unpacked! Hopefully, that will be sooner and not later!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Return

And I have returned. It's only been a little over a week and yet so much has happened. I survived feeding horses in the dark and the hour and half commute (and that was just on the way home). But most importantly is the new apartment! Crazy I know. But that will be all tonight. I promise a good update tomorow. All about well horses and the new apartment I guess!

Monday, January 12, 2009


So talk about my Golden Globes picks being WAY off. 8 out of 25. Yuck. At least I got the sucking out of me now, so I can dominate at the Oscars!

I was glad though Kate Winslet won both of her awards. Heath winning, wasn't really much of a surprise. Colin Farrell for In Burges was interesting. It definitely wasn't a typical Collin Farrell part, but he was good in it. I was kind of surprised since I've heard so little talk about that movie since it came out back in like what, the start of summer?

Also in TV news, the Bachelor, episode 2 was on tonight. I so love Jason. I think he's prob one of the best Bachelors so far. So let's see... I really like Megan. She reminds me of a lot of girls I went to college with. I was really happy she got the first rose, and said before hand I wanted her to. It was like she's freaking out so much already, it would calm her down a little by getting the first rose. I think the whole fight with Erika actually made her look good (at least on TV). She like talked to Erika one on one in the kitchen, and Erika was the one who had to involve everybody and make a big deal out of it.

Speaking of Erika, I really don't like her. She just comes off as an awful person. Probably partly due to producers (I mean giving her the last rose? A little obvious) So we'll see how it goes though.

I still do like Stephanie. Although she seems so much older than the other girls (and is too right?) and when her and Jason had their time together they didn't really click. But I guess they haven't really had their time together, so maybe on their date next week something will click.

The two girls that got kicked off. I can't really say I predicted it, but you could kind of tell during the ceremony. The teacher, I think Jason prob kept her last week since she quit her job. And this week realized there wasn't anything there. And Raquel, well, but getting into his limo it didn't look like she had a lot of patience. A bad move overall.

Moving past TV. I'm not sure when I'll be updating again. Me and the Boy are house sitting at his parents' house starting tomorrow for a week. Which means of course feeding horses. Now you understand the picture I posted, it's from the last time we house sat, last May. I'm not really an animal person, so I guess the fact I'll be feeding the horses every afternoon from Wednesday to Saturday says a lot.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globes 2009

I spent the afternoon at the Starbucks in Barnes and Nobles (Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte and Vanilla Cupcake), which is quickly becoming my favorite Sunday afternoon pastime. Although, once we move into our new apartment I feel like it should stop. It's not that I don't enjoy it, but once we have our apartment I will be able to get my coffee stuff out and make my own cups. I won't however have access to the scores of magazines at Barnes and Nobles, so we'll see.

There are of course several things I want to start doing once we move. First is scrap booking. And not just at the apartment. I know there one store that does cropping sessions, and I think I should do that. It would definitely be a way to meet people. And maybe going to the farmer's market? That would be something I would like to do as a couple, but with the boy's schedule, I would have to do it myself.

Anyways the Golden Globes are on tonight, and I'm a sucker for awards shows. So without further ado, here are my picks for the winners tonight. It's a combination of who I WANT to win and who I THINK will when. Kinda difficult, because there is a lot of stuff I haven't seen, but hopefully will before the Oscars. So, here goes:

Best Picture (Drama) - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Best Actress (Drama) - Angelina Jolie – Changeling
Best Actor (Drama) - Leonardo DiCaprio – Revolutionary Road
Best Picture (Comedy or Musical) - Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Best Actress (Comedy or Musical) - Emma Thompson – Last Chance Harvey
Best Actor (Comedy or Musical) - Javier Bardem – Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Best Supporting Actress - Kate Winslet – The Reader
Best Supporting Actor - Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight
Best Animated Film - Wall-E
Best Foreign Language Film - Waltz With Bashir (Israel)
Best Director - David Fincher – The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Best Screenplay - Frost/Nixon - Written by Peter Morgan
Best Original Score - Changeling - Composed by Clint Eastwood
Best Song - "Gran Torino" – Gran Torino - Music By: Clint Eastwood, Jamie Cullum, Kyle Eastwood and Michael Stevens; Lyrics By: Jamie Cullum
Best TV Series (Drama) - House
Best TV Actress (Drama) - Sally Field – Brothers & Sisters
Best Actor (Drama) - Jon Hamm – Mad Men
Best TV Series (Comedy) - The Office
Best TV Actress (Comedy) - Tina Fey – 30 Rock
Best Actor (Comedy) - Steve Carell – The Office
Best Mini-Series or TV Movie - John Adams
Best Actress in a Mini-Series - Laura Linney – John Adams
Best Actor in a Mini-Series - Kiefer Sutherland – 24
Best Supporting TV Actress - Rachel Griffiths – Brothers & Sisters
Best Supporting TV Actor - Neil Patrick Harris – How I Met Your Mother

So we'll see how I do!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Talking and Driving

So Louisiana has finally join the rest of the world (or I guess just several states), and has banned talking on cell phones while driving. It's not that I don't understand the law. I do agree that it makes senese and makes driving safer and everything. But still, I am not a fan.

Even though I don't have a long comute (30 mins on a bad day, less than 10 on a good time), I get easily bored while driving. Listening to music only does so much. And normally once I get in the car, and turn out onto the street after work, the first thing I want to do is call someone. It isn't neccessarily the best time to talk to people, and half the time I can't get in touch with someone. But just the fact that it takes time to dial and whatnot eats up most of my time. And then then of course when someone does answer, I have entertainment untill I get home.

But no longer as of January 1st. I guess this isn't the end all, and I can easily buy a hand free headset, but even so... As silly as it sounds it makes me sad, and wish I could still talk on my cell.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The King of Smoothies

So I went to Smoothie King on my lunch break today (part of my New Year's resolution to lose weight by eating less crap). Almost every time I go to Smoothie King there is maybe 1 person there, maybe. There was a case when I went on a Saturday and there was a family of 5 there. I want to say there were 3 employees working then, so all in all did not take that long at all. But that was probably my longest weight there, until today...

First as I'm parking I see a guy walk inside and immediately walk out. I heard him say something to the person in his car that there was a long line, and people waiting all on the sides. So as I walk in there's an older woman walking out. I held the door open for her since she was carrying about 8 smoothies. Yes, there was the problem right there...

I walk into the store and there's 4 people in line waiting to order smoothies and 4 people waiting for the smoothies they've already ordered. And there was one person working, all by him lonesome. What must have happened is that lady came in and ordered her 8 smoothies. And people still came in while he had to make all 8 smoothies, so things were a little backed up.

He would like take 3 people's orders, then put two smoothies in the blenders, take out a smoothie that had finished blending, charge someone, take out another smoothie that had finished, and then have to go back to the line to take orders. And since he was so backed up, people kept coming in and the line never got shorter! Obviously it must have at some point, but I have no idea how long the guy was going crazy like that.

Here's the worst part about it though. What looked like the health inspector was there too! When I first got that it looked like the employee was talking to the health inspector and was simultaneously on the phone with his manager. He then gave his cell to the health inspector, so I'm guessing she could talk to the manager. Then of course later on see was back behind the counter, pulling things out from under the sink, running the water (maybe to see how hot it could get?). It was completely ridiculous. I think I got back to work with only 4 minutes left of my hour, when going to smoothie king normally takes only 20 minutes!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How do you say it?

The boy's niece said my name for the first time yesterday. Well... it wasn't quite my name. It kinda of sounded like, "Shosha." But she did say it twice and was looking right at me. So it totally counts.

It's funny, I always expected her at some point down the line to actually be able to say my name, but I wasn't sure how it would happen. It just seems like such a hard and complicated word for a baby to say.

Last year, on one of the first days of after school care one of the mother's asked me my name. I said it was, "Miss Shoshanah," to which she replied, "Oh, he's never going to get that. How about Miss S." Surprisingly, within a few weeks her 5-year-old was able to say it just fine. Most of the kids were actually. (Which really makes me wonder how easily other kids picked up my name when I was younger) There were of coarse some kids that didn't quite get it. Two girls who called me, "Miss Kashanah." But honestly, as long as it somewhat resembled my name, I would respond.

That's actually caused me some problems. As I remember saying in high, "You could probably say Banana and I'd think you were saying my name." That's probably why I always think people are whispering about. I'm just assuming they're saying my name, when really it's nowhere near that!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The New Bachelor

The new season of the Bachelor started tonight. I was so excited! I love Jason! I loved him from the start on the last season of the Bachelorette. It's funny watching it thinking how I could be in that situation. "I would totally be able to move to Seattle, I've already lived in California, Maryland, and Louisiana!" or "I love kids! I've spent most of my summers working at camps and I ran an after-school center last year!" Then I do a little reality check and think, o yeah... I am in a relationship. I don't think the boy would be very happy with that. But in my next life... I am so signing up to be on the Bachelor!

But speaking of the show before it started, I thought to myself, "I bet they will have some single moms!" And of course they did! Obvious yes I know. I really liked Megan. She totally seemed like a lacrosse coach too. And the mom whose husband died. Ok, I guess I kinda like all the moms! :) But I couldn't tell if the other girls made it.... did they? Anyone pay attention? Hmmm who else? I liked Melissa, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. I didn't really like the Asian girl. I don't remember what exactly it was, but she said something, and I thought to myself, "Oh no!" And the Shannon girl, the kinda stalker-ish one, so would have been me! lol.

So here's to Jason and the new season! Hopefully they last longer than Deanna and Jesse!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Apartment Hunting

Last Tuesday the Boy went to a bunch of apartments hoping to find one to move into. It's something I've been wanting us to do together, bus since he is always working (7 days a week when he's in school), this is a bit of a problem. I don't really want to go look at apartments myself. Thankfully, since school is out for winter break he went to look a bunch of places. He had narrowed it down to a few, and I made the final pick.

So today I was supposed to go to our #1 and sign a lease. I was ridiculously nervous. I just hate putting myself in new situations where I don't know what to expect. So after stopping by my office to grab my last two paychecks from my desk, I went by the complex. Got there, nervous of course, and went into the office. Was like, "Uhhh I want to sign a lease" Turns out it didn't quite work that way.

The girl did remember the Boy, and was able to find a card he filled out showing interest. She said they didn't have any of the apartments we wanted opening up. But there were apartments that had been damaged by Hurricane Gustav. They were being remodeled and were supposed to be finish by the end of January or early February. If we decided to apply in hopes of getting one of those, we'd each have to fill out an application (and of course each pay an application fee). Each app had a page that our former place of living had to fill out and our current employer. Which kinda sucks because the Boy doesn't really have a former living place and I didn't have the best of relationship per se with my last apartment complex. And of course not knowing exactly when we would get an apartment kinda sucks. So yeah, overall not the best of a situation. Hopefully it all works out eventually

Friday, January 2, 2009

My love affair with coffee

I went to Starbucks today and they were officially out of Gingersnap Lattes. Which means no Gingersnap Lattes until next year. I had to make do with a Pumpkin Spice Latte instead, and I'm sure in a few weeks I'll have to go back to Vanilla Lattes. It's funny because Gingersnap lattes (or Gingerbread Lattes as they used to be called) were really the first coffee drink I ever really drank.

It was freshmen year at college and a bunch of soccer girls and me all went on a Starbucks run. This was before a Starbucks was built across the street from our college, so we had drive a bit further, I think to one in a Barnes & Nobles. Up until this point I had only drank Frapicinos from Starbucks. But this was Maryland in the middle of winter, and there was snow on the ground and it was freezing outside. So a frapicino was pretty much out of the question. I was always a fan of ginger and of gingerbread, so I figured why not? First sip, I pretty much fell in love.

I had had coffee before. My parents had let me have cups before, but I never really enjoyed it. This was the first time I had actually really enjoyed it. I didn't start drinking it religiously then. It wasn't till I spent a month in France.

The summer before my Sr. year at college I spent 3 weeks, studying abroad in Avignon, in the south of France. I stayed with a host family, and they served coffee every morning. I would put sugar and a little cream in each cup, and it slowly started to grow on me. By the end of the trip I was even able to drink cups of strait espresso! (with a little sugar of course)

When I started Sr. year of college my parents bought me a coffee maker for my dorm. It was a little pod coffee maker that made individual cups of coffee. While at this point I would have enjoyed having the cups of coffee I made with cream, I didn't have a refrigerator at first. And I had to make do with just sugar. While eventually I did get a fridge, it seemed a little silly to buy cream, when it would prob go bad before I drank it, and drinking coffee with just sugar was just fine.

Today I would love to go to Starbucks every morning. Unfortunately, I don't always have the time (or money). So most days I wind up drinking the coffee at work. While it's not the best quality, with a little bit of sugar I'm able to enjoy it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

I practically slept through New Years last night. I am only 24 and I was barely able to to stay up till midnight. Oy.

The night started off pretty well. I got off work early and we headed over to one of the Boy's friend's house to watch the LSU game. I wasn't really sure what to expect. Like who all was going to be there, what the atmosphere was going to be like, which made deciding what to wear a little difficult. Fortunately, since there was an LSU game on, wearing an LSU shirt (one from Victoria's Secret) was pretty much a no-brainier. But I also wore jeans, and shoes, and make-up that would work if we decided to go out after the game.

So we get to his friend's house (or really his friend's girlfriend's house I guess). Now he is the same age as the boy, so about 4 years older than me. His friend's girlfriend girlfriend, is about 10 years older than the two guys. So about 14 years older than me. Her son was there before he went out for the night. He was 19. So only 5 years younger than me. So I was closer in age to the son, than the mom who I'm supposed to be socializing with. One of their friends also came over. Also 14 years older than me. She brought her twin sons who were 11. Again, only 13 years younger than me. I'm much more in the middle here. The girlfriend's daughter showed up, she was 8. Yes! I was 16 years older than here! Finally I was closer to the parent than the kid.

So to summarize the situation was a little awkward at first. His friend bbq-ed, so we had hamburgers to eat while watching the game. (In which LSU absolutely decimated Georgia Tech, so that was good) It's really hard for me to socialize with people I don't know that well (Esp with the bit of awkwardness I already pointed out) but by the end of the night I felt I was being talkative, and sociable, and that they might have actually liked me. A big part of this was my liquid courage. I drank about 2 Bacardi Watermelons. I felt a little awkward drinking at first, but his friend was drinking rum and coke, and the 19-year-old had left, so I did wind up feeling comfortable eventually.

But the game did eventually end. They were planning on going out meeting up with a bunch of people. I kinda assumed all night we were going to go out with everybody else all night, but when it was finally brought up, the Boy said he didn't want to go out. Which I do understand. He already wasn't feeling well, and going out to a bar and inhaling smoke all night wasn't going to help. (The fact that you can still smoke in bars here is something else entirely, last year they did at least ban smoking in restaurants.) So if we had gone out I would have felt completely guilty, but still I would have enjoyed it...

We got back to the house around 10:15 and watched TV. It was a little disappointing the lack of New Year's Eve programming that was one. There was like 2 or 3 specials but all of which started at 11 or 11:30. When I was younger I remember there being a whole lot more programming on during NYE. I think I was passed out on the couch by 11:15 though. The Boy woke me up for a New Year's Kiss, and then I went back to sleep on the couch for about an hour or so, until he woke me up and had me get in bed.

So the night started out promising, and ended not necessarily disappointing, but definitely different than expected.

Here's to 2009!