Thursday, January 22, 2009

Horses and the NEW Apartment

So we started house-sitting as of last Tuesday. The Boy's parents left early Wednesday morning and were gone till late Saturday night. Leaving us in the charge of the house and more importantly the animals. 5 horses, 2 cats, and 1 dog. And I'm not really an animal person. Not that I have anything against them. My parents had cats my whole life. I think there was literally a time frame of 1 month when my parents haven't had at least 1 cat my entire life (at the moment they have 5). When I was in 4th grade we got our first dog. She is still alive, (old but alive) and when I was in college my parents got a second dog. I think it's the fact that since they were always animals around me there were something that was just there. Sure I enjoy cuddling with some of the cats when I'm home, but it's not like I really miss any of the animals.

Anyways so the way our schedule worked out was the Boy would feed the horses in the morning and I would at night. Of course I don't get off work till 5. And since his parents live pretty much in the middle of nowhere, it would take me 1 and a half hours to get to the house. So it was dark by the time I got there. Last time we house sit the horses were arranged so I could just drop the food into buckets over the fence. This time, not so much. I had to walk through the pen with the 3 moms in order to get to the babies. And one of the mom's was currently pregnant, so as you might imagine she wasn't in the best mood. And then there was the fact that the pens were pretty much mud pits, and since it was dark avoid puddles was pretty much impossible. Yeah, overall not so much fun, but I survived.

The only thing I really do enjoy about house-sitting it the fact that they get expanded cable. Which means WE. And of course their wedding programming. Bridzillas. Platinum weddings. Sooo addictive. Unfortunately his parents got back on Saturday night, and WE was only airing their wedding shows last week on Sunday. A whole days worth of shows, I could have been watching. Even though we stay till Monday (when we got to move to the apartment) I would have felt a little odd having them see me watch wedding shows. "Here I am dating your son, not engaged to him, and I'm watching hour after hour of wedding TV." Not so much...

Moving on to better news... the apartment! It all happened so quickly. First off we wanted a 1 bedroom apartment in price category A. However, we every complex that rented apartments in that category was full. Moving up a price set to category B, there were 1 bedrooms at several places available. But the complexes that had 1 bedrooms in A had 2 bedrooms in B. So we figured if were going to pay a higher price we might as well get more room.

We had marketing material for our complex so I came by Saturday, January 10, to fill out an application. We got approved on Monday? I think it might have been Tuesday, to move in the following Monday. So two days ago on my lunch hour I drove to the apartment complex and signed a lease! And since it was Martin Luther King Jr. day then, the boy's didn't have school. So him, his dad, and some friends spent the rest of the day moving furniture in. It's mostly stuff that his parents had kept in storage, so it isn't the nicest of stuff, and it doesn't really match, but it's free! We're not completely moved yet, there's still some stuff at the old house, but every day after work this week I've picked up a carload of stuff, we're making progress. Overall it's coming together.

We are kinda short on somethings. Like the fact that we have a dinning table and no chairs. I would LOVE to go to Ikea, but unfortunately the closest one is in Texas (Houston maybe?) and an 8 hour drive away. I think it's worth it! Hell, I'd go just for their Swedish meatballs. But the boy, not so much. So we'll see. I will post pictures eventually, once we're more moved in and unpacked! Hopefully, that will be sooner and not later!


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