Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cough Cough

Or really should I say sneeze sneeze. I'm sick. It's not that bad, just sneezing and a runny nose, and my throat doesn't feel good. Although their have been times off and on this afternoon where I that it was just really bad allergies (they have been pretty bad with all the dust from moving). But I think it is a cold, with my allergies making it worse.

Of course since I don't feel well, I used that as an excuse to not do my work-out video. ::sigh:: And the Boy wasn't even here today, so I've had the apartment to myself since I've been here. I am planning on working out tomorrow. Really! Assuming I don't stop by where I used to work after school and visit the kids and my old co-workers. So we'll see.

I figured though, if I wasn't going to be working out I should at least do something productive. Thus I decided to unpack. We have almost finished unpacking everything, which is nice. And once I finish I will post pictures. I only have one suitcase of clothes left, which is good because today I had to start putting my overflow clothes in the closet in the spare bedroom. I guess you could say I need less cloths. But really, I think I just need a bigger closet!

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