Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazy Saturday

So we went and saw Revolutionary Road last night. I was pretty good... Ok... We went and saw the 10:15 show, so it was a little late, and the movie doesn't really keep you on the edge of your seat. But Kate and Leo both acted quite well. And well Leo looked hot the whole time. But the ending, wow... I wasn't really expecting that.

Today, has been a little lazy. Haven't quite got everything I wanted to do done. I did do 4 loads of laundry (at the same time, one of the benefits of using the one site laundry facility). I did one load of sheets, along with a mattress pad. I guess you're not supposed to put mattress pads in a heater dryer? Because the stretchy part is now pretty much hard and disintegrating. I do still have to fold 3 loads of clothes though.

For brunch, ok really a late lunch, I made feta and eggs.
Eggs and Feta

Kind of like a mix between an omelet and scrambled eggs. I like omelets a lot, but don't like how some of the eggs wind up being uncooked in the middle, so I tried my best here.

Then I actually scrapbooked! My first time since last July. It was pretty exciting. The page itself, ehh.. I'm not too happy about it. I wanted to do blue backgrounds, but since most pages I do have blue backgrounds, well... I don't really have a lot of blue paper left. So I improvised.

If you're curious this is a scrapbook from my trip to France in summer 2005. So yes, I am a bit behind schedule on this.

I apologize for the photo being blurry. My camera had no charge left, and I was attempting to take the picture before the camera shut of due to lack of power.

So, after looking to the right and seeing the huge stack of clean clothes I really must go. Folding awaits!


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