Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Ramblings

Everything is officially moved to the new apartment. Put away not so, but inside.

The Boy and I went to the mall this morning. I has craving Chick-fil-a, but being Sunday, they were not open. We though about Raising Cane's (Louisiana's version of Chick-fil-a), but wound up going to Quizno's.

The goal of the trip was to buy the boy a jacket for the wedding he's in within the next few weeks. Didn't quite happen. I did get a pair of heels to wear to work though. Greatly needed considering the one pair of shoes my feet let me wear to work have a broken heel. We looked around at chairs at bookshelves, but didn't quite find anything. Sear was selling a bar stool ridiculously cheap at $15, but unfortunately, we have no bar.

So here I am sitting in the living room surrounded by books. I figure I'll pack stuff up during commercials? Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters aren't on, but I figure I'll watch the Duggar Wedding Special tonight. Yes, I am a Duggar fan, have been for a while actually. I remember Junior year of college watching their first special 14 Children and Pregnant again, and now they're up to 18! It has to be said I have a slight obsession with large families and especially with multiples (The Dilleys, The McCaughey, The Gosselins). Obsessed much?

Anyways, here's to unpacking! Wish me luck!

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