Saturday, January 24, 2009

Turns out...

I'm currently eating one of Amy's Shepherd's Pies. I really like their stuff. I've never had their shepherd's pie before, but it's pretty good. Their burritos are probably my favorite. I normally buy these (or Kashi) frozen foods, because I feel like their healthier. More organics, more whole grains, more veggies, and more exciting than just Lean Cuisine. Unfortunately, like all frozen foods they are high in salt. I mean looking at the nutritional facts we have:
4g of fat (0g saturated, 0g trans) 6%DV
0mg cholesterol
5g Sugar
27g Carbs (Of which only 19% is sugar) 9% dv
5g Fiber 20dv
5g protein (It is vegan)
50%dv Vitamin A
30%dv Vitamin C
10%dv Calcium
15%dv Iron
590mg Salt 25%DV
If only we could break down the salt. But o well...

Moving on. Remember a few weeks back when I talked about how you could no longer talk on your phone is Louisiana? Well I mentioned it to the girls at work. One of them said, "I though the new law was you couldn't text while driving?" Well one of my co-workers was proactive and actually looks it up online.

The law officially is (or maybe not so officially since I haven't actually looked it up myself to check):

You are no longer allowed to text while driving.
If you are under age 18 you are not allowed to talk while driving.

So I guess I can go back to calling people in the car! Good to know!

I really should go, so I can continue to unpack the new apartment. Not that everything is moved over here yet. Primarily my dresser, which makes is awfully difficult to unpack clothes. But we shall see!


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