Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

I practically slept through New Years last night. I am only 24 and I was barely able to to stay up till midnight. Oy.

The night started off pretty well. I got off work early and we headed over to one of the Boy's friend's house to watch the LSU game. I wasn't really sure what to expect. Like who all was going to be there, what the atmosphere was going to be like, which made deciding what to wear a little difficult. Fortunately, since there was an LSU game on, wearing an LSU shirt (one from Victoria's Secret) was pretty much a no-brainier. But I also wore jeans, and shoes, and make-up that would work if we decided to go out after the game.

So we get to his friend's house (or really his friend's girlfriend's house I guess). Now he is the same age as the boy, so about 4 years older than me. His friend's girlfriend girlfriend, is about 10 years older than the two guys. So about 14 years older than me. Her son was there before he went out for the night. He was 19. So only 5 years younger than me. So I was closer in age to the son, than the mom who I'm supposed to be socializing with. One of their friends also came over. Also 14 years older than me. She brought her twin sons who were 11. Again, only 13 years younger than me. I'm much more in the middle here. The girlfriend's daughter showed up, she was 8. Yes! I was 16 years older than here! Finally I was closer to the parent than the kid.

So to summarize the situation was a little awkward at first. His friend bbq-ed, so we had hamburgers to eat while watching the game. (In which LSU absolutely decimated Georgia Tech, so that was good) It's really hard for me to socialize with people I don't know that well (Esp with the bit of awkwardness I already pointed out) but by the end of the night I felt I was being talkative, and sociable, and that they might have actually liked me. A big part of this was my liquid courage. I drank about 2 Bacardi Watermelons. I felt a little awkward drinking at first, but his friend was drinking rum and coke, and the 19-year-old had left, so I did wind up feeling comfortable eventually.

But the game did eventually end. They were planning on going out meeting up with a bunch of people. I kinda assumed all night we were going to go out with everybody else all night, but when it was finally brought up, the Boy said he didn't want to go out. Which I do understand. He already wasn't feeling well, and going out to a bar and inhaling smoke all night wasn't going to help. (The fact that you can still smoke in bars here is something else entirely, last year they did at least ban smoking in restaurants.) So if we had gone out I would have felt completely guilty, but still I would have enjoyed it...

We got back to the house around 10:15 and watched TV. It was a little disappointing the lack of New Year's Eve programming that was one. There was like 2 or 3 specials but all of which started at 11 or 11:30. When I was younger I remember there being a whole lot more programming on during NYE. I think I was passed out on the couch by 11:15 though. The Boy woke me up for a New Year's Kiss, and then I went back to sleep on the couch for about an hour or so, until he woke me up and had me get in bed.

So the night started out promising, and ended not necessarily disappointing, but definitely different than expected.

Here's to 2009!

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