Monday, December 29, 2008

Yes Ma'am?

One thing no one prepared me for when I moved to Louisiana, was the differences in etiquette or manners if you'd rather. The first time I met the boy's parents I was told to be on my best behavior. Turns out we had a different definition of what, "best behavior" meant.

In the South when you're asked a question you're not really supposed to say "yes," defiantly not "yeah," and probably not even "no, thank you." It turns out the correct response is actually "Yes, Ma'am" or "No, Sir" or any combination of the like. I didn't realize people said this in real life still! It completely sounds like something from the movies or 100 years ago. Needless to say I did not make a very good first impression.

I have however, tried to improve. I did try it out on my parents when I was home that first year for the holidays. (My dad told me it sounded awkward and like I was trying to hard.) I got most adept at using those responses at work. Particularly when I had to make phone calls to people, or when I worked after school care and had to talk to parents. Honestly, most often now I'll be in a situation where I'll answer yes (or more realistically yeah) to a question, and my immediate thought afterwards will be, "That would have been a perfect time for a yes, sir"

Of course, if I do wind up having children with the Boy, he (and his parents) will expect our children to be well versed in their Ma'ams and Sirs. Maybe be that time I will have been here long enough to recognize when you're supposed to say it. We can hope...

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