Monday, May 8, 2017

5 Months Update

5 Months
You're 5 months old! Going back and reading your sister's 5 months update I talk about how so much has changed, and once again that's true. There's just so much that goes on from 4 to 5 months as you leave the newborn stage and become a baby.
February 28
First a few official stats, from your weight check this month. You weigh 10 lbs 11 oz (0%ile), are 25 inches long (17th%ile), and have a head circumference of 41 cm (4.5%ile).
March 3
You're still primarily in 3 months clothing, although several of them have gotten too small. I actually went to pull out your 6 months clothes and found a much of your sister's 3 month clothes I had forgotten about, so I'm trying to squeeze you into them a little longer. We did just move you up to size 2 diapers though.
March 14
You are still just the happiest, most content baby. There's been several times when your daddy has picked you up at daycare and all the other babies are crying and you're just sitting there looking around. In general, as long as there's someone you can see, you're good. You're always smiling and an easy way to make you laugh is to tickle your tummy.
March 15
You're rolling all over the place. Front to back, back to front, whichever way you're currently not. You love playing with your play gym trying to pull all the toys off. You're finally big enough to really enjoy your jumper and bounce around pulling at the various toys.
Someone needs kisses.. Not that he's Irish. #happystpatricksday
March 17
It really is crazy how big you've already gotten. I'm just trying to savor what time we still have where you'll nap in my arms. I just know I'm going to blink and you'll be sprawled all out in a bed for all your naps or even crazier no longer needing naps at all!
Playing together... At least until he accidentally touched her.
March 19
For comparison, here's a look at your sister at 5 months as well.
Elley at 5 Months

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