Monday, November 6, 2017

9 (& 8) Months Update

8 Months
You're 9 months old!
9 Months
Which means yes, I missed your 8 months post, so consider this a combined 8 and 9 month post!
May 26
At 8 months you weighed 13 lbs and 3 ozs and at 9 months you weighted 14 lbs (both for the 0%ile).
May 27
You are wearing 6 months size clothes, with a few onesies being a little too small length-wise, but a few pants being a little too big. You're still in size 2 diapers, although once we finish the last few we have a box of size 3 to start using.
June 1
You've also gotten your first teeth these months. The center 4 all came in at once. And now you're currently cutting both of the side top two.
June 10
You are on the go, non-stop moving. You're still at an army crawl, but you move so quickly around the house there's no reason to change things up. You're pulling up and if necessary you can cruise along the coffee table or ottoman, especially if there's something you want.
June 23
You aren't quite ready to walk holding hands, I think because you realize it's so much quicker to crawl so any time we try it you just sit back down. In some ways, there's no need to change things up, especially since you're able to crawl your way up the staircase!
June 29
It finally seems like you're starting to realize what an awesome person your sister can be. It took a while knowing how often she takes away whatever you're playing with, but when you're in the high chair (I guess because you're trapped), you two have a blast together. Apparently she thinks it hilarious when you hit your tray, which in turn makes you laugh and hit your tray harder for a vicious cycle.
July 1
Speaking of your high chair, you're slowly getting better with feeding yourself. You aren't a huge fan of sweet of tart flavors, but seems to love things like meat or beans best.
July 8
It is crazy knowing that it felt like just yesterday your sister was 9 months and that in no time at all you'll be running and talking just like she is. It really does go so, so quickly that part of me wants to keep you this little. And yet, I can't wait to see the person you'll become.
July 23
Here's a comparison with your sister at 8 and 9 months.
8 Months
9 Months

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2 and 1/2 Years Update

2 and 1/2 Years
You're 2 and 1/2 years old! (I figure it's time we officially switch to years.)
March 20
March 25, Post-First Haircut
You are 23 lbs and 6 ozs (2nd%ile). You're primarily wearing 2t tops and 18 month bottom. You're wearing size 6 shoes. No more diapers since your potty trained! During the day at least, I'm not ready to tackle overnight anytime soon.
April 6, School Passover Sedar
As for a few of your favorites, you love Elsa (you may have heard it called Frozen before) and will randomly break into "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" at any given time. As for other songs, you love listening to Zoom Gali Gali but you're most likely to be found singing your ABCs.
April 11
April 21
You love cheese and will request it at any time, even breakfast. You have recently discovered Oreos and will request to have one each night after you finish your dinner.
May 12
You have strong opinions on what clothes you want to wear. In general, you aren't a fan or dresses. You want to wear shorts and shirt, in particlar ones that are crazy bright with lots of colors or have some sort of animal on them.
At LSU-Auburn baseball game, May 13
May 21
The only bows you're willing to wear on ones with animals on them, although you prefer you monkey boy the best. It's a little unbelievable the fights we already have in regards to what you're wearing, but I can only imagine it's going to get worse from here.
May 25
As for a few firsts, you had your first haircut. You had your first swimming lessons. You saw your first movie in theaters (Cars 3).
May 27
May 28
You really have become a tiny little person, which I'm a little in disbelief of. I still can't believe your no longer a little and how quickly it's really gone by.
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