Saturday, January 10, 2009

Talking and Driving

So Louisiana has finally join the rest of the world (or I guess just several states), and has banned talking on cell phones while driving. It's not that I don't understand the law. I do agree that it makes senese and makes driving safer and everything. But still, I am not a fan.

Even though I don't have a long comute (30 mins on a bad day, less than 10 on a good time), I get easily bored while driving. Listening to music only does so much. And normally once I get in the car, and turn out onto the street after work, the first thing I want to do is call someone. It isn't neccessarily the best time to talk to people, and half the time I can't get in touch with someone. But just the fact that it takes time to dial and whatnot eats up most of my time. And then then of course when someone does answer, I have entertainment untill I get home.

But no longer as of January 1st. I guess this isn't the end all, and I can easily buy a hand free headset, but even so... As silly as it sounds it makes me sad, and wish I could still talk on my cell.

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