Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How do you say it?

The boy's niece said my name for the first time yesterday. Well... it wasn't quite my name. It kinda of sounded like, "Shosha." But she did say it twice and was looking right at me. So it totally counts.

It's funny, I always expected her at some point down the line to actually be able to say my name, but I wasn't sure how it would happen. It just seems like such a hard and complicated word for a baby to say.

Last year, on one of the first days of after school care one of the mother's asked me my name. I said it was, "Miss Shoshanah," to which she replied, "Oh, he's never going to get that. How about Miss S." Surprisingly, within a few weeks her 5-year-old was able to say it just fine. Most of the kids were actually. (Which really makes me wonder how easily other kids picked up my name when I was younger) There were of coarse some kids that didn't quite get it. Two girls who called me, "Miss Kashanah." But honestly, as long as it somewhat resembled my name, I would respond.

That's actually caused me some problems. As I remember saying in high, "You could probably say Banana and I'd think you were saying my name." That's probably why I always think people are whispering about. I'm just assuming they're saying my name, when really it's nowhere near that!

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