Monday, January 12, 2009


So talk about my Golden Globes picks being WAY off. 8 out of 25. Yuck. At least I got the sucking out of me now, so I can dominate at the Oscars!

I was glad though Kate Winslet won both of her awards. Heath winning, wasn't really much of a surprise. Colin Farrell for In Burges was interesting. It definitely wasn't a typical Collin Farrell part, but he was good in it. I was kind of surprised since I've heard so little talk about that movie since it came out back in like what, the start of summer?

Also in TV news, the Bachelor, episode 2 was on tonight. I so love Jason. I think he's prob one of the best Bachelors so far. So let's see... I really like Megan. She reminds me of a lot of girls I went to college with. I was really happy she got the first rose, and said before hand I wanted her to. It was like she's freaking out so much already, it would calm her down a little by getting the first rose. I think the whole fight with Erika actually made her look good (at least on TV). She like talked to Erika one on one in the kitchen, and Erika was the one who had to involve everybody and make a big deal out of it.

Speaking of Erika, I really don't like her. She just comes off as an awful person. Probably partly due to producers (I mean giving her the last rose? A little obvious) So we'll see how it goes though.

I still do like Stephanie. Although she seems so much older than the other girls (and is too right?) and when her and Jason had their time together they didn't really click. But I guess they haven't really had their time together, so maybe on their date next week something will click.

The two girls that got kicked off. I can't really say I predicted it, but you could kind of tell during the ceremony. The teacher, I think Jason prob kept her last week since she quit her job. And this week realized there wasn't anything there. And Raquel, well, but getting into his limo it didn't look like she had a lot of patience. A bad move overall.

Moving past TV. I'm not sure when I'll be updating again. Me and the Boy are house sitting at his parents' house starting tomorrow for a week. Which means of course feeding horses. Now you understand the picture I posted, it's from the last time we house sat, last May. I'm not really an animal person, so I guess the fact I'll be feeding the horses every afternoon from Wednesday to Saturday says a lot.

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