Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

So we went and saw Taken night. Overall it was pretty enjoyable. More so than Revolutionary Road the night before. Liam Neeson was good, hot too - but not quite at a Leo level. It was suspenseful, and overall a good movie. It was filmed partly in L.A. too, and I always get excited when I see L.A. in a movie (O! Look there's Frank and Musso's! Look LAX!).

The Superbowl is today. Clearly. I can't really say I care who wins. If Matt Leinhart got to play I'd be voting for Arizona. Otherwise I'd pick Pittsburgh, since I knew people from college who were big Steelers fan. But really, ehh... I was thinking about not watching it, but then I was like Commercials.

The Boy did invite people to our apartment to watch the game I don't know who all will be coming, prob not a lot. Although at the grocery store today I did buy guacamole, salsa, and bean dip and was planning on eating them all myself eventually. So I guess it might be a good thing other people are coming to eat it. The Boy is playing on making red beans and rice too. A Louisiana stable I have really come to enjoy. Especially when he makes them. Yum.

I finally finished the book I've been reading. Courtesan by Diane Haeger. I've only been reading it since December 14. I don't really like reading books that long, but alas. I picked it up in the first place because it takes place in the court of Francios I. I started liking him back when I read, Mary, Queen of France by Jean Plaidy. Since then I've been wanted to read more about this time period in France, but haven't found a lot of books. I finally found one and ehh... It's a little slow, the first half took forever to read. And once I got to the second half and it actually started to read fairly quickly it did start to get enjoyable. But well... it's not a book I'm planning on reading again anytime soon.

Well I'm going to go. Because someone said the Superbowl start at 7, and uhh turns out the game is already 10-0. Yeah... good planning there. So I am off to go eat chips and guacamole. Yum!

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