Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laissez les bon temps rouler

Happy Mardi Gras! I actually had to go to work today. And anywhere else in the country that would have been a, "Duh." But this is Louisiana. All schools are closed at least today (most have MTW off). Literally there was no one on the road when I drove to work today. We actually didn't wind up going to any parades this year, and instead when to an LSU baseball game this past weekend.

The past weekend was college baseball's opening weekend. But morning important for LSU it was the opening of their new baseball stadium. Which in Baton Rouge is a pretty big deal. There are no professional sports teams here, so the LSU teams ARE the city's professional team. The baseball stadium is called Alex Box Stadium after a former player. (The football stadium is Tiger Stadium or more commonly referred to as Death Valley in case you were curious.) Of course the old baseball stadium was also called Alex Box Stadium. So here are two pictures for comparison.

Friday Night at the Last Series at Alex Box Staduim

This is the Old Alex Box (with Tiger Stadium in the background)

The New Alex Box Stadium

And this is the New Alex Box Stadium. It's hard to tell, but the new stadium is HUGE compared to the the old one. Here a bit of a comparison Just for fun
Restrooms: 2,000 sq. ft. before 9,274 sq. ft. after
Concessions: 2,200 sq ft. before 5,000 sq. ft.after
Press Area: 250 sq. ft. before 2,000 sq. ft. after
Press Area: 250 sq. ft. before 2,000 sq. ft. after

And the new stadium also has an arcade, hall of fame, and a souvenir shop. And they expanded their concessions. They had a brisket sandwich which I really wanted. But unfortunately, they were all out on Sunday and offered me a pulled pork sandwich instead. Being Jewish I try to stay away for pork, so I went with a hot dog instead.

Hot Dog with Ketchup

Yes, I know it is probably a pork hot dog, but it isn't called Pork Hot Dog. lol. Yes, it's a bit crazy but it makes sense to me. But afterwards I did kind of regret the hot dog and wanted at Sausage Po Boy instead, which yes still would have had pork in it. lol.

Anyways, just for fun, here's a few of my favorite pictures from the day.

American Flag

The wind was almost perfect for this picture. It's an American flag (clearly) with the 5 baseball national championship flags.

Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

A View of the Old Alex Box Stadium

This is cool, because you can actually see the old Alex Box.

And just because it's getting to be a tradition...
He says its artistic

He told me this would come off as artistic.



  1. wow im surprised you had to work then!
    I thought Mardi Gras was basically a holiday down there!

  2. YAY for french:P I say you gotta enjoy yourself! Whenever I go to a game or something like that I always have to get the grub. Happy mid-week! AH ANd that's tragic you dont' have a TJ's!!!Whole Foods is amazing but it's a lil pricey for moi.