Wednesday, February 4, 2009

lunch BREAK

I decided to stop by the apartment for my lunch break today. The first too, since we moved. It didn't turn out to be quite the best planning on my part.

I let myself in, and decided to make a Cup o' Noodles. Tear of the cardboard, plastic wrap, go to fill it with water, and no... there's no water. Maybe, it's just in the kitchen. Check out the bathroom sick. No water there.

Now we've only been living here just over 3 weeks. I had been under the impression that the complex paid for water and we didn't have too. But I guess I could have been mistaken. But we've only been living here three weeks! And we never received a water bill. Cable bill, yes. No electricity bill yet. And definitely no water bill.

I haven't checked the mail since Saturday. So maybe a bill came Monday (or yesterday?) and needed to be paid immediately. Maybe I was supposed to call the water company and start an account (Water Company sounds so Monopoly like).

So I check the mail. Coupons the Chick-fil-a. Forms to win $1,000,000 that my mom actually to the time to send to me. But no water bill.

So I head to the office and figured I'll get someone there to fix things with me. On the door to the office there's a sign.

We will have to turn off the water Wednesday, February 4 for maintenance. Once finished the water will return shortly.

Head back to my apartment, and sure enough, the water is already back on.


P.S. Top Chef tonight!

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