Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Random Things

If you're on facebook you've probably have seen this. I finally caved. I figured I would post these here as well, mainly for safekeeping. So here it is. 25 random things about me:

1. My earliest memory is when my brother was born, sticking, “It’s a boy," stickers onto See’s lollipops.

2. Back in elementary school when we got fun size Snickers as prizes I used to always smash them flat before I ate them.

3. I love gingerbread lattes and pumpkin spice lattes. Since it is no longer holiday time I have to get Vanilla lattes, and I don’t like them by the end of the cup. But within a few days I will go back and buy another.

4. I broke both of my arms simultaneously at my friend’s 8th birthday party at Knott’s Berry Farm. I had to wear a pink and purple cast all summer. They stopped before my elbows so I could still move my arms. I was supposed to go to camp at the JCC all summer and swim every day. Instead my mom sent me to a drama camp where they went on a field trip to a water park and a field trip to the beach.

5. I have a MS in Mathematics. I kind of feel like it was a waste of money. But I kind of feel like I paid for the life I had now. If I hadn’t gone to LSU I wouldn’t currently be dating the Boy, I most defiantly would not be living in Louisiana, and have no idea where I would be living or what I would be doing.

6. I wrote in the same diary from 4th grade until 8th grade. I called her Didi.
7. Making phone calls pretty much deathly scares me, and pretty much always has. There are very few people I few comfortable calling just because.

8. I have pretty much the weirdest feet you have ever seen. My toes kind of curl under, and I can’t actually separate my left toes.

9. Growing up I slept with a Cabbage Patch doll name Bernard. Bernard was the name the company gave her. I decided she was a girl, but kept the same name. She spent most of my life wearing my old baby clothes, but she is currently wearing the white and yellow pajamas she came with.

10. I have had the same best friend since birth. The biggest fight we ever got in was when I was beating her at Mario Kart (for the 1st time ever) and she turned the system off. I pretty much tried to strangle her.

11. My mom wanted to name me Tovah. But my dad said I needed an “S” name to be named after my his dad. If I was a boy I would have been Seth. If my brother was a girl he would have been Tovah, instead his middle name is Tov.

12. I need the tv volume on an even number. Also I cannot have it on a number that ends with 0 or a number that repeats. The jump from 18 to 24 is a very loud volume change.

13. The first music tape I remember buying was the Garth Brooks album with, “Callin’ Baton Rouge,” on it. I used to think Baton Rouge was the name of the girl he was calling.

14. Some girls like spending all their money buying clothes; I would rather spend all my money buying gourmet food.

15. My dream is to have a house with a library. Preferably a huge one. I read so many books and don’t like getting rid of them. Mainly because I like rereading them, and want to have them all just in case I want to reread it eventually.

16. I love California and still feel like I live there even though I haven’t for almost 7 years.

17. I spent my 1st birthday skinny-dipping on the beaches in Nice, France.

18. I have an amazing memory, and remember some of the most random things ever.

19. I am afraid of running into people I know in public. I think part of it is because I am so good at remembering people I am never sure they will actually remember me.

20. In college, when I got bored is class I used to write out either the Hebrew or Greek alphabet.

21. 21 was my number in college. I played soccer from age 4 until I was 22. I wanted to be number 3, but that was already chosen. I believe this was Landon Donovan’s number on the national team at the time and that’s why I chose it.

22. My brother and I used to play Magic when we were in elementary school. I remember having a Serra Angel and Disintegrate in my deck. I never would have thought I would have ended up with someone who plays Magic.

23. I have the worst sense of direction. If I’m not driving I have no idea where I am. I only remember how to get someone if I actually drove there recently. In high school I used to make my mom draw me maps whenever I went somewhere. Now I make the Boy do that.

24. When I was younger I used to think it was fun to be at the playground and yell, “O no! I lost a contact!” and then crawl on the ground looking for one. Now that I actually have contacts, I have never actually had one fall out, but I have dropped them numerous times while trying to put them in and then had to crawl on the ground looking for them

25. My boyfriend and I are two of the most opposite people you will meet. For starters I am absolutely obsessed with cookies, candy, and cakes of all kind. He hates any type of dessert. He drinks a gallon of milk a day practically. I am still traumatized by the last sip of milk I had. He is nice and friendly in large groups of people. I am shy and pull back and never know what to say. But in spite of all our differences (or maybe because of them) I couldn't image a person more perfect for me.

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