Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Coke?

So I went to the vending machines at my apartment complex to buy a coke. (OMG I am turning into a Louisianan! I didn't buy a Coke. I bought a Dr. Pepper and am now just referring to sodas as Cokes in general)

Moving past my own personal crisis. I put my dollar into the machine, and immediately heard coins fall. At that time though a light lit up on the machine saying use correct change. So I figured that was weird. That it took my dollar and gave me coins? I took the change out, but there was only $0.60 there! It didn't even give me my whole dollar back!

I had brought a second dollar bill just in case, but didn't really want to waste it. So I figured I would see if it would take the coins. Maybe it gave me the exact change to use? $0.60 sounds reasonable for a soda (ha! I did it right there) doesn't it. But alas, it kept spitting my coins back out!

I figured I would press the Dr. Pepper button in desperation. And a Dr. Pepper popped out! Which means I only paid $0.40 for a can! That seems ridiculously little. My thought is maybe someone else forget there change? So sodas are in fact $0.70? Who knows, I am going to cross my fingers and hope that they are $0.40!

But Top Chef is on, so I must go. And I SO recognize the plantation the did the quick fire at! But honestly can't figure out which one it is! Maybe when the Boy gets home he will be able to tell!

Image from Flickr user Daniel Morris

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  1. i HATE when machines eat the money.
    they always overcharge for soda too..