Monday, February 16, 2009

Wedding on Valentine's Day

So the weekend. I'm not really in the best mood now (I think its coming off a vacation that is really doing it), and wasn't planning on writing this. But I figured maybe if I force myself to write about something happy I will feel better, right? We'll see...

So the original plan was to leave Wednesday night. But it turned out the boy had a tutoring appointment Thursday morning that he didn't want to miss. So we spent about an hour on campus. I went to the bookstore and had a gingerbread latte (They still have gingerbread flavor there! Yum) and a coffee cake. The kind I used to get all the time when I was still at LSU.

Before we left campus of coarse I had to get some shots of Mike the Tiger. Yeah, LSU has a real live Tiger on campus. It is their mascot. During home games they put him in a cage and bring him on the field (which sounds awful after typing it). But he does have a very nice cage. This is actually Mike VI. Mike V died May 2007, and Mike VI has been at LSU for a little over 1 year now. SO here's Mike...
Mike the Tiger

Of course, not long after I took this picture Mike started playing with a stick, which unfortunately I have no pictures of.

Anyways we left campus around 10:30-ish. We drove, and drove, and drove. We got into Atlanta around 7-ish? (Minus 1 hour of driving since Baton Rouge is CST and Atlanta is EST) We parked at the hotel and walked down the street where the Boy's high school friend's (the groom included) were eating dinner. After dinner we stopped at the bar across the street for a few hours, and headed back to the hotel around 1-ish.

Friday morning we woke up and went to Breakfast. The place was called The Flying Biscuit and was pretty good. I got a salmon omelet with a biscuit and potatoes. I also had a side of TURKEY Bacon! Yum! And they had chicken sausage too. Overall it was good.

Me, the boy, and two of the guys drove back to the groom's house. The guys spent the day on the computer playing balloons. It's this game where you have monkeys shoot balloons. Yeah... the Boy is pretty much obsessed and he did his best to get his friends addicted too. I sat around and read my Cosmo.

Around 1:30 or so, we had to leave for the rehearsal. At least the Boy and the groom did. I figured I would tag along. We got to the church, which was actually built in like the 1800s and really pretty. Here's a quick picture:
St. Joseph's Catholic Church

After the bride and groom had confession (because they are clearly a nice Catholic couple) we had the rehearsal. Me and the husband of the matron of honor were even assigned a job. Since the wedding was technically during mass, we were in charge of making sure, no one sat in the row reserved for the bridal party. Tons of fun. Here is what is pretty much the only picture of the rehearsal.
Wedding Rehearsal

From the rehearsal, we went to what was technically the rehearsal dinner. Although according to the groom it was more of a social hour. Very true, considering it was just desserts and whatnot.

We all left the "social hour," fairly early for the bachelor party. Which like the rest of the weekend was pretty low key. We went to a comedy club first, and then the bar across the street. I drank far more than I normally do that night (Around 4 sea breezes and one of those test tube shots) and has a nice little buzz. And actually made it through the night, and the rest of the weekend without getting sick (normally a big problem for me, I tend to get nauseous before I get even tipsy). Anyways here is a picture of me and the boy from the end of the night.
Finally looking normal

While I look a little scared and out of it this was by FAR the best picture of the Boy. He thinks it is amusing to make faces in every picture I try to take. Me, I'm not feeling it so much.

Saturday, aka Valentine's Day, aka The Wedding Day.
We woke up around 9am. There was a complementary breakfast which we took part in. We got our stuff together and then headed over to the groom's house to get ready. Honestly though most of the morning was spent with the two of them playing silly games on the computer. We all did eventually get ready. And here is pretty much my favorite picture from the day. (Both of the guys were not happy that I took this, but it came out so well... so artistic!)
The best man fixing the groom's tie

We headed over to the church around 2 for pictures. Well, at least the Boy took pictures being the Best Man and all. I (along with the husband of the matron of honor) was relegated into bringing all of the drinks from the car to the reception hall. Yeah, so not the most fun. Of course when I finished the Boy and the wedding party and the families were all at a nearby park taking picture. So, unfortunately I didn't get to see any of the picture taking. O well.

The actual service started around 5. Here's a good picture of everything. I bet you can't find what the bride's something blue is. :)
The Wedding

Now when I say the ceremony was during mass I mean it was during mass. Like people showed up for the normal Saturday mass and the priest was like, "Guess what! You're going to get to see a wedding!" Not really what I would have chosen, but to each his own.

The reception was also at the church. Again, fairly subdued, mainly a lot of eating:
My Plate

So starting clockwise from the roast beef sandwich at the top.
Bourbon Meatballs
Grilled Chicken with Pineapple Salsa
Crab and Shrimp dip
Crackers and pineapple
In the middle are sausage and Parmesan pinwheels (By far the best were the pinwheels and meatballs, although the dip was awfully good too)

Of course the best part dessert:
The Dessert Table

On the far left are mints. The normal wedding cake is clearly on the left. There's Brownies on the far right. And then there is the groom's cake which is called a dobage cake. Supposedly it's a Louisiana thing. It's a half chocolate and half lemon cake. Actually a lot better than the wedding cake. I would know, I had both:
Groom's Cake and Wedding Cake

Since the bride didn't actually have a bouquet there was no bouquet toss, and likewise no garter toss.

We left around 8-ish and went back to hotel. Where I pretty much promptly fell asleep. We started watching The Princess Bride and I was out by the fire swamp scene.

We woke up around 8-ish and drove back (and after forever) arrived back in the BR, around 3 which isn't really that bad.

I figure one last picture of the boy and me and the reception to end things.
The Boy and Me

And now you see how he ruins pictures.



  1. Hahaha. Hilarious picture, my boyfriend does that a lot too! Sounds like you had a very busy weekend, weddings are usually fun though!

  2. haha! why must boys ALWAYS make silly faces:P I love weddings. Fab desserts too!

  3. Every time I try to take a picture of us we have to go through a whole series of outtakes. Sometimes (but rarely) he will relent and let me take a normal picture. I think his proudest accomplishment is probably when he filled up my camera's memory card.