Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our First Apartment - In Pictures

So I just finished my snack of beef summer sausage and aged Gouda. I have been craving this combination since I bought both last Saturday. Eating food like this reminds me on lunches at my parents' house growing. (This was not actually lunch though, lunch was last night's leftovers from Carraba's.) Moving forward, the long awaited tour of our apartment.

The front door to the apartment enters the living/dinning room. The living room is currently a mess, and sparsely decorated, so per the Boy's request there are no actual pictures of it. Once it gets a little better I will post pictures of it. The rest of the apartment is still pretty minimally decorated. Nothing is hung up on the walls yet, and overall it is pretty bare. But I promise it will get better. So here goes!

Downstairs Hallway

This is taken at the back of the living room. On the far left is the entrance to the kitchen. If you look closely you can see the microwave, dishwasher, and trashcan. The door in the center goes outside onto our closed in patio. To the right of that door is a half bathroom. It is a very tiny room with just a sink and toilet, hence there are no pictures of it. On the right are two of the first few stairs.

The Kitchen

Here is the kitchen. On the left, but not visible in this picture is the closet that holds the washer and dryer hook-ups. We have nothing in their now, but hopefully that will be our first big purchase together.

The way upstairs

This is heading up the stairs. The door to the left is our bedroom. The door on the right goes to the bathroom.

The landing

Another view of the landing. This time the door on the left goes to the bathroom and the door on the right goes to the second bedroom. There are no pictures of the second bedroom. Hopefully it will eventually be an office/library. Right now we're calling it the big closet.

The bedroom

The bedroom. Not a lot to explain here. This is the view from walking in off the landing. On the back right side of the room is where the bathroom is.

Another view of the bedroom.

Taken from the entrance to the bathroom. The Boy's closet is on the left. Mine is on the right. And just in case you were curious we sleep on the side of the bed that corresponds to the closets.

Beau sink

The door to the bathroom. This is the Boy's sink. The purple thing in the corner is my towel turbie. I need to get hooks to hang over the doors for them. It is currently hanging on the door handle of the linen closet.

My sink and the edge of the bathtub

My sink. The bathtub is in the left corner. The door you can see heads out to the landing.

At the pool

Myself laying out at the pool. Yes it was actually warm enough to do this today. In the 70s. When the clouds were over the sun it was a little cool, but overall it felt nice.

The pool

The view of the pool. On the other side is the laundry room and the main office. If you're curious you can see the book I'm reading Sammy's House by Kristin Gore (aka Al Gore's daughter) on my chair.

So yes, that is our first apartment! Once it is decorated and looks much better I will post more pictures. I hope you enjoyed!



  1. Nice apartment!

    I am extremely jealous that you live somewhere that it is warm enough to lay by the pool in February!

  2. I second the being jealous about the pool. I am also super jealous that you have a kitchen with actual counter space- my apartment is so small that I have no kitchen, just a fridge/sink/stove on one wall. And no counter. I get very jealous of other people's kitchens.

    Looks promising, let us know what you do with it :)