Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Night Special

I'm so excited to have my Thursday night back! At the old apartment Thursday nights were the one night the Boy didn't come home till nighttime, not that I don't love spending time with him. I just really value my time alone. And now he's home late every night of course, but moving on...

Every Thursday like clockwork I would watch Survivor and Grey's and eat a frozen Kashi diner and a Betty Crocker Warm Delight. Now Survivor is not on tonight, however the 2-hour Grey's cross over episode is on! I'm not actually planning on eating a Kashi meal, but instead an Amy's meal. But I do have a Warm Delight (chocolate fudge flavor I think, I am SO excited for this).

This is my first night having this since the old apartment, so since July. But really July doesn't count since my TV shows weren't on then.

I still do have an hour till Grey's starts, but I so can't wait!

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