Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I got home from work today and was absolutely exhausted. But the boy was actually here, for like 5 minutes, so that manage to revive me a bit. Since then I have been sitting at my computer "internet-ing" and have slowly started getting tireder and tireder. And before you ask, no I have not worked out today and no I am not planning to.

But moving on... It's hard for me to start reading new blogs. Not that I don't enjoy finding new ones to read. It's more of the fact, that to me it feels like you're starting in the middle of the story. Like you wouldn't pick up a book and open it up and start reading it in the middle, and yet when you start reading a new blog, that's almost what you have to do. So in order to combat this, pretty much whenever I want to start reading something new, I'll read a few entries, and then go back through the archives starting at the beginning. It's time consuming though, and it's hard to do with more than one blog at a time, (ok, I'm doing two right now) but even so. It's a little daunting finding a blog with more than a years worth of archives. It's almost like do I really want to get into this mess?

And then of course when you're reading something that's over two years old, do you leave a comment? About something that was written so long ago? It seems a little silly. But I don't know, I'm not sure of the proper etiquette.

Of course you could start from the most recent entries and work your way backwards, but that kind of ruins the surprise. It's like, "O, you're surprised you broke up with your boyfriend, well it wasn't to me since I read the entry when you got back together with him."

Any one else opinions? Am I completely alone in this weird habit. Do most people not have a problem starting in the middle? If so, I'm assuming you have a problem starting in the middle of a book right? So what's the difference?


P.S. I was finally right about The Bachelor last night and Naomi left. And I was glad they finally showed Deanna in the previews, I was beginning to think I was crazy, "Did she somehow show up and I slept through that part of the episode?." It's funny I was totally not feeling Jillian, but after last night, I really think something might be there between the two of them.

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  1. I had this exact same problem when I started reading blogs. Actually, the first two blogs I started reading I did go back and read all of the archives! Now, I've started reading so many different blogs I just don't have the time to do that! Usually what I'll do is read the latest couple of entries to see what I think of there blog and then read the very first few entries they did. I love reading people's first entries and last entries even if I can't get through all the middle stuff.

    Also, when I have spare time and I'm all caught up on the blogs I read for the day I sometimes just randomly read archived posts that I haven't read yet. It takes a while to get caught up, and you'll probably never catch up on everyone's but it's been working for me! I so know what you mean about hating to start in the middle!! Whew--that was a long comment! LOL