Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Heart Thursday

I really do. I love Thursdays. I think a lot of it is due to the fact that it's a day before Friday. But a lot of it is that I really let myself indulge Thursday Night.

So tonight for dinner I had a Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake. It's one of their newest ones. It's funny I've started eating these back when I started grad school 2 and a half years ago. And back then there were only 6 varieties. Now that are 12. (Ohh they have a Mayan Harvest Bake now... I bet that's good too!) Looking at the list though, they actually got rid of one of the original types. The Lime Cilantro Shrimp. I never actually tried it though. I was a little sketched out about eating shrimp in a frozen meal, and it looks like there must have been a lot of people who felt that way. But back to tonight

Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake

There it is. My Tuscan Veggie Bake. One of my favorites. It had a different and longer heating time than any of the other types. Which makes sense, because I hate eating frozen lasagna or pot pies where the outside is still hot but the middle is still frozen. But the cooking time worked perfectly. It was warm all the way through, and there was just a little bit on the outside that was a little overcooked. Overall, it tasted like a vegetarian lasagna (and I love lasagna). It was actually pretty filling. Much more than the Kashi meals normally are. I didn't even feel like I needed dessert...

But come, like I said it's Thursday!
Betty Crocker Warm Delight Fudge Brownie

My Betty Crocker Warm Delight Fudge Brownie. Yum. My favorite of these is the caramel one. But I am addicted to caramel. When you think about it though, it's kind of like a glorified easy bake oven creation. Which I always wanted but never had.

My other favs about Thursdays are my shows. I watched Survivor (and of course flipped over to American Idol during commercials to see who went on). Grey's was a repeat tonight, but I hadn't seen the newest episode of Real Housewives of New York so I watched that instead. Pretty much makes for a great Thursday night!



  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your Tuscan veggie bake looks very yummy!

  2. im dying to try that meal.
    i've been searching everywhere. glad to hear that its good!

  3. Oh my god that brownie looks amazing. My mouth is now watering!

  4. i love kashi meals!!! haven't tried the tuscan bake, but that sounds really good! i actually have the mayan bake in my freezer right now that i forgot about until reading your post...i should eat that soon :)