Monday, February 2, 2009

The Bachelor Predictions

The Bachelor is on tonight! I am planning on working out today, so I figured I'd do a few quick predictions before my Pilate's.

They showed in the previews for this week that they are up in Seattle. But you know what we haven't seen yet this season? Deanna! Back on the 1st episode the said she'd be back. Maybe it'll be tonight, but it doesn't look like it. If Deanne isn't on tonight, then Melissa won't be going home. I remember her commenting on Deanna's visit during the original previews.

Then who will be going home? Well, since Jason sent an extra girl home last week, I'm going to assume only 1 leaves this week. I'll bet it's either Naomi or Mollie. I"m pick Naomi though. So, we'll see...

Well I'm off to Pilate myself. I currently have the hiccups (and when I get them, they are ridiculously extreme. Kind of like loud obnoxious burps). So hopefully all the breathing and stretching will cure them. Cross your fingers for me!


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