Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Oscar goes to...

ME! My picks finished 17 out of 24. Not so bad if I do say so myself. the Boy went about 13. So 3-peat for me. Unfortunately, there was no official bet this year. Just pride. (Last year the winner got to pick the movie and where we had dinner the next weekend and the loser paid.) I'll have to remember that next year.

So, my special dinner. I picked a food for each Best Picture nominee. So were pretty self explanatory (Milk?) others not so much. Well to the right we have Slumdog Millionaire Chicken Tika Masala.

The Reader BiscuitsThe Reader Biscuits

The Reader Biscuits. Both uncooked and post oven.

Frost (en Peas) Nixon

Frost (en Peas) Nixon. O.K. This was a bit of a stretch. But I mean can you think of something better?


Milk. duh. Technically I didn't drink this. I don't do milk. The Boy does though and he drank more than my share, easily

aka Benajmin's Buttons

Benjamin's Buttons.

My Plate

Just for fun here's a plate of it all together!

Moving on to the actually ceremony though. I did like the intros they did for the Actor and Actress awards. Especially for Best Actress. I mean each nominee was almost in tears after hearing such nice things about themselves.

A weird thing I did notice though, is when anyone won there was no, "This is so-and-so's first win out of so many nominations." I do so how it could be a little monotonous hearing it every time. But still I want to know! How many times was Kate Winslet nominated before? How many foreign language Oscars has Japan won before? Did the sound guy with 17 nominations finally get his first win?

I did like the musical bit. Especially when Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens started singing bits from HSM3. Yeah, I had a bit of a tween moment.

I'm not sure how I felt about the 2008 movie montages. I get how by showing montages of classic movies every year it gets a little old. But seeing clips from "Forgetting Sarah Marshal" at the Oscars? It just seems a little off.

I think my favorite dress was probably Sarah Jessica Parker's. And I like Alica Keys' (at least I think it was her). Robert Pattinson looked hot, but very vampire like of course. And of course I loved how they brought the whole Slumdog cast up on stage, especially because you were able to see the kids on stage!

Me and Beau

I figure one last picture of the two of us to end things off!



  1. hahahaha. You guy's go all out on Oscar night, that's so cute, I love how you matched the food to the movies! LOL

  2. How fun! Stumbled over here from 20SB! I wish I had an oscar night! I was in L.A. at the time but we werent going anywhere near hollywood! I want to do themed food! what a cute blog.