Monday, January 23, 2023

Day 2: Magic Kingdon

I'll just start off this post by saying that I splurged on a lot for this trip. So yes, that meant I paid for individual lighting lanes each day. After all, who knew when we'd be back in Disney World. When we bought our tickets we were able to add Genie+, so we already had that as part of our tickets for each day. So for our first day, I paid for a lighting lane for Snow White Mine Train for 11:30-12:30. Then for my first Genie+ selection, I had Peter Pan at 10:30-11:30. (At all the times we've done Disneyland trips, we've never made a point to ride that one since the waits are always so long.)

One thing we didn't spurlge on though was breakfast. Each day we ate in our room, with a mix of cereal, instant grits, or oatmeal. We also bought reusable mugs, so each day I'd run downn for some coffee to drink in the morning. Overall we made good time and were on the bus before 8, with an early rope drop for 8:30. We were in line for Space Mountain almost exactly at 8:30, but noticed there was no time listed nor was the line moving... and it was 8:35 at this point. Employees came out to say the ride was closed, and they weren't sure when it was open. So we turned around, and were one of the first from the line to get to Astro Oriber. Then a ride on Buzz's Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.
2022-12-17 - Magic Kingdom Park - Splash Mountain
At this point it was 9, and the park opened to non-hotel guests. We decided to head over to Splash Mountain, since I wasn't sure how quickly waits would build there, especially since it was closing so soon. (I will say as much as I love the ride, I like the idea of a Princess and the Frog retheme. I think it especially makes sense since the Br'er Rabbit tales were first written down in Louisiana.) So we were able to get one last ride one. Although, I'm hopeful it will still be open at Disneyland when we're there this spring, since I like their version better.

I'd also add that by deciding on Splash, we were opting out of Jingle Cruise. It's one we have been on at Disneyland (even holiday themed), and I was really trying to prioritize rides that are exclusive to Disney World. Also, with waits as long as they were, and not wanting to spend a Genie+ selection on it, there were better options for us to take.

After Splash we then waited for Pirates of the Caribbean, still which probably had only a 15 or 20 minute wait. I'm not positive, but I believe we walked over to Journey of the Little Mermaid at this point, to wait to get further into our time for Peter Pan. This was right around when we could book our next Genie+, so I booked one for Space Mountain for 3:50-4:50 so we could try again. We rode Peter Pan, and then rode Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, again waiting on our window, this time for Mine Train.
2022-12-17 - Magic Kingdom Park - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
We stopped for lunch at this point, which I mobile ordered at Pinocchio Village Haus. This was probably the most "Theme Park-esque" meal we had the entire trip, and it really wasn't bad. I had the Margherira Flatbread (Flatbread with Tomato Suace, Shredded Mozzarella, Fresh Tomatoes, Mozzarellas Pearls, and a drizzle of Balsamic Glaze.) The boy had a Perpperoni Flatbread, and both kids had the Cheese Flatbread.

After lunch, we went to ride The Barnstomer. At this point it was 1pm, 2 hours after my last Genie+ selection, so I choose the Tomorrowland Speedway, with a pretty close window of 2-3pm. (Sidenote, why is it not called Autopia in Disney World? Anyone know???) While waiting the next hour, we first went on Mad Tea Party (better know as the Tea Cups). Then over to Tomorrowland where we went on Carousel of Progress and the People Mover. (Neither of which I ever remember riding since they closed so long ago at Disneyland.) Once we swiped into the Speedway, I booked our next Genie+ for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. (Origonally started at 5:45. Thankfully shortly before our visit they added the ability to modify selections, and were able to move it earlier to 4:05. Far more convienent with our 5:30 dinner reservation!)
2022-12-17 - Magic Kingdom Park - Plaza Garden East (5)
At this point I insisted we walk over to the castle so we could take our family picture together. It was 2:45 now and the parade started at 3, so we stayed to watch that.
2022-12-17 - Magic Kingdom Park - Main Street USA (1)
After the parade we walked over the Space Mountain to wait for our Genie+ window to open. We walked over and were about to swipe in, when the ride shut down. So for the second time, we didn't get to ride it that day. There were some tears, but thankfully our Big Thunder window was close, so we were able to walk that way to use our Genie+ selection there.

After we swiped in I booked a selection for Haunted Mansion, but not till 8. It wound up being late enough where we didn't ride it. Again, it's a ride that's in Disenyland, so while it would have been fun, no big loss.

Just before 4:30, we managed to take the last raft over to Tom Sawyer Island. While this is something that is at Disneyland, it's been years since I've been over, and the kids never had. They had a blast running around, and we only left as they were closing the island down. At this point, it was about 30 minutes before our dinner reservation at Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen. We walked over to see if they could take us early. In a way they could, but I think we had to wait about 20 minutes for a table.

Now this wound up being one of our favorite meals. I had the Baa Baa Lamb Chops (Spice-rubbed Lamb Chops, Chermoula, Cauliflower, Potatoes, Cipollini Onions, and Harissa Sauce, garnished with Preserved Lemons and Herbs.) I think The Boy had "Hardy Har Char" Siu Pork and asked for them to serve it with broccoli. The kids each had Macaroni and Cheese, which Elley proclaimed to be the best Macaroni and Cheese she'd ever had. We then walked over the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe for an order of Churro Nuggets (with a chocolate dipping sauce), apparently the only place in the park that served churros. (So differently from Disneyland which has carts everyway.)
2022-12-17 - Magic Kingdom Park - Space Mountain
I tried not to jinx things, but at this point Space Mountain had reopened, so for the third time that day walked over to ride. Third time was the charm, because we were finally able to ride it! From there we walked over to the castle to find a spot for fireworks. We watched and then made our way back to the hotel, since the next day was another early one, heading over to Epcot!
I shared all my official Disney photos throughout, but here's a look at my Instagram post from that day. There's some overlap, but several others if you want to scroll through. Even of course a look at my dinner!


  1. What a fun first day! I think it makes sense to pay up when it's something you aren't going to do very often when it really changes the experience/results in shorter waits! If you went to Disney often, it'd be less important! I love seeing the pictures!

  2. What a fun day with so many rides. So glad you finally got to go on Space Mountain. And I still remember the Haunted Mansion ride from Disneyland from when I went in 1981! Hahaha!!!