Friday, August 16, 2013

Find Your Way Back

Coming Home by Mariah Stewart
March 23, 2010
Series: The Chesapeake Diaries #1
When I first read The Long Way Home I loved the overall story, but hated the feeling of coming into the series in the middle. It wasn't that I was confused, but more that I wanted to know all the back stories of all the characters. Which is why I was really looking forward to this one, so I could start from the beginning.

Except, as I soon realized, while this is a first of a series, it's a spin off of Mariah Stewart's Last series. So I still felt like I was missing a back story, which was disappointing considering that was what I was looking forward to.

I guess I could go and read the Last series, except instead of being a bunch of cute romance novels it's more of a thriller series. Knowing that. it wouldn't have been too much of a surprise when there was a big thriller subplot. At least it wouldn't have if I knew what I was getting into.

But alas, I wanted and expected was cute and cheesy romance, and while I did get a cute story of a girly shop owner and mountain man, there was more suspense than what I'd like. I do get the feeling if I continue with this series, it will be a lot less thriller-y and a lot more romance-y so that's a comfort. But even so, I'm guessing I'll be waiting longer than I would have expected before getting to the second in this series.


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  1. I would suspect that it would be thriller-y. I don't think I would like that. Good to know.