Thursday, August 8, 2013

Louie, Louie

Yes, I'm posting about a new restaurant I've been to, and yes, I went there for a book club meeting. But are you really surprised by now? For our July meeting (where we discussed Insurgent), we met at Bar Louie. It's where Bravo used to be, and while I'll miss their Italian food, it is a pretty fair trade of delicious restaurant for delicious restaurant.

As you can probably figure out from the name, this place is really more of a bar than a restaurant. Although a bar, with pretty delicious food. But of couse since it's a bar, as I put in my project 365 post, to start things off I had a strawberry & peach bellini.
Strawberry Peach Bellini
It was actually during happy hour when this was purchased, and if you look in the background for the happy hour prices, it was only $5. Not a bad price for such a pretty drink. And speaking off happy hour specials, appetizers where half off, so we split a martini of bruschetta.
Bruschetta Pomodoro
Maybe bruschetta isn't the fanciest of choices, but it was still a pretty delicious version. Plus you can't fault the presentation.

For my main meal, I had a turkey and brie sandwich. You'll have to excuse the awful phone photo, especially since it was dark at this point so it's all whited-out by the flash. I promise it tasted better than it looks.
Turkey & Brie
But while, it tasted better than you'd expected from the photo, it was still probably my least favorite part of the meal. Don't get me wrong, it was still good, but do think Whole Foods' turkey and brie blows it out of the water.

Overall it was a fun experience (our waitress was awesome by the way!), and a place I could see myself visiting again, whether with the boy or for another book club meeting.

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