Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From Miss to Mrs: Grouping the Girls

The girls arriving to the front of the house meant our couple portaits were over and it was time to start the bridal party photos. My girls and I stood in front of the oak tress for a few group shots.
I also knew I wanted individual shots with each one of my girls. After all these are some of my favorite people and who knows the next time we'll be together to take photos where we each look so pretty. At least until someone else gets married, right?
First we have my MOH, who I've known since birth. Our moms actually met when they were both converting to Judaism, and my parents went to hers' wedding. While neither one of us has as sister by birth, we're the closest thing we each have. And since her father is my godfather, I can even rightfully call her my godsister.
Then there's me and my sister-in-law. She was actually married at Houmas House as well. But unfortunately for me, that wedding was in May 2006, while the boy and I didn't meet till later that year.
The photo above is me and Bridesmaid Chicago. She was actually born in Louisiana, but we met in 2nd grade after she'd moved to California. We were in girl scouts together, traveled to England on an 8th grade trip together, and later moved to Louisiana at the same time after graduating from college. Although considering I'm calling her BM Chicago, you can guess where she lives now.
Finally there's Bridesmaid NYC, who I've mentioned before in a Waiting on Wednesday post. She and I were roommates freshmen year of college, lived next door to each other sophomore year, and again roommates our junior year of college. We have a birthday within a day of each other, which made it fun to celebrate in college.
I can't leave out the littlest girl in our wedding party. Here is me and my niece, the flower girl.
And since this post has almost turned into photos of me with members of our wedding party, here's one of me with my nephew, the ring bearer.
You also may have noticed that I didn't have my flowers in our couple portraits. It's only because I didn't think to bring it to our first look, which probably was the right decision since I'm afraid I would have dropped them on the golf cart ride over. My bridesmaids did bring it out to me for the portraits, which is the first time I was able to take photos with it.
If you're already married (or planning a wedding) was/is taking photos with the individual members of your wedding party something that was/is important to you? Or if you've been in a wedding, is this something you've done before?

All photos in this post courtesy of Sabree Hill Photography.

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  1. I love the pictures! the blue is a great color. I didn't take pictures individually with my girls but I think it's a great idea!

  2. Love the pictures! I love everyone's hair and how it was down or only half up. It really ties everyone's looks together!

    I have been a bridesmaid many times but have only had individual photos taken with the bride the last couple of weddings. I think I would want them when/if I get married, too!

  3. One thing I kind of regret not getting is individual pictures with EACH girl! I totally wanted to, but didn't think of it the day of and with my whole photographer fiasco we were all kind of flying by the seat of our pants. Ahh well!

  4. Such a beautiful bride! I am also amazed at how tasteful the bridesmaids dresses were. I've never seen such lovely bridesmaids dresses. I swear they use to make them ugly so the bride would shine more. You didn't need any help shining!

  5. Beautiful pictures!

    P.S. Do you want to do a guest book review at Buttercup's?

  6. I love the color of the bridesmaids dresses! Where did you get them from and what is the color called? I am in the market for some color inspiration. I also love the individual pictures with each maid. I will be doing that as well. I think you have to do that. They are so important in your life, you don't want to not have a picture with each of them.

  7. Beautiful bridesmaids dresses! LOVE the color!!! Love the bouquets too. Great pics!

    Yes, i had an individual pic w/ each girl, and brad had an individual pic w/ each guy. He also took a silly pic w/ two of his groomsmen, and i wish i had done that w/ the girls! Haha! The only pic i really regret not getting is one of me, brad & our sisters (we each have one sis). At ever family event we get a pic of all four of us (b/c we were friends as kids before me & brad were a thing), and i can't believe i forgot at my wedding! Oh-well. ;)

  8. You made me think about my bridesmaids! Here they are on my blog. I didn't post the individual pics then, i guess.

  9. I love dresses! The color looks so good in the photos! And your flowers were beautiful!