Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Django Miserables

Les Miserables
I read back in 9th grade, and not long after I my parents took me to see a live performance. While I did enjoy it live, I wanted to watch a movie version of it as well, and couldn't understand how no one had made one. While my 9th grade self can be satisfied now, because they finally did and it more than does the story justice.

I loved the movie, and given the clapping in the theater at the end a lot of other people did as well. But I also overheard one woman say it was the worst movie she'd ever seen, and I've seen a few people complain about it on facebook. If I had to guess, those people had no idea the entire story was told in song (which I didn't the first time I say it). I could imagine that if you didn't know the story it would be hard to follow along, but since that's not me it's hard to tell. If anyone saw the movie and didn't know the story before hand, I'd be very curious to hear your thoughts on this.

Django Unchained
To be honest, the main reason I wanted to see the movie was because Leonardo Dicaprio is in it. The boy wanted to see it for other reason, but given the eye candy, I was more than willing. But really, this movie wasn't that bad, and actually was kind of enjoyable.

There were some gory parts that had me cringed. And I don't mean the parts where men were murdered, those were some of the milder parts. But as long as the extreme violence isn't going to get to you, there is actually a nice story in here.

And for fun, since part of this movie were filmed at Evergreen Plantation, here's a photo I took there when I was first moving to Louisiana.
Now this wasn't Leo's plantation, which means I can't guarantee he was in the same state as me. But it is quite possible that the plantation they filmed as his is also in Louisiana.

I do think either of these movies are great options, it just depends what you're in the mood to see. And while I'd be willing to watch either one again, Les Mis is the only one of these two I'll want to own one day.


  1. I loved les mis. I love the music though. people must be pretty out of it to not know les mis is a musical!

  2. I was raised on Les Mis and finally saw it live (vs PBS concert) in March. I sobbed and quietly sang along the whole film and just keep thinking WOW! I loved how with it being filmed that the cameras could capture the characters' emotions vs stage and being so far away! I may have to see Django...

  3. I love Les Mis & CANNOT WAIT to see it. Did you ever see the movie version that is NOT a musical? It's Liam Neeson? Really good movie - i mean, not like Les Mis the musical but the same story... sooo good! Anyway, I will go this weekend or next to see it (b/c i want to see it w/ Brad & he is not in as big of a hurry as i would like!).

    MOST people I know LOVE it - theater & non-theater friends. :) But the director of our theater & several other theater people HATED it... which is disappointing! But i think it's normal for a director - nothing is ever good enough for them! :) BRLT is doing Les Mis this summer!!! So, yay!

  4. I didn't really care for Les Mis, but I didn't know the story AND I didn't know it was all in song the ENTIRE time. It was a bit hard to follow along but I do like that the director made the actors sing live. It was nice not to have these perfect singing voices dubbed over them.

    I loved Django but I'm a big QT fan. I thought it was funny and serious all at the same time.

  5. The title of this post made me giggle. I really enjoyed Les Mis, my only prior exposure to the story being the 25th anniversary concert that aired on PBS and had Nick Jonas as Marius and the same Eponine as the movie (they are my favorite characters). I haven't seen Django yet but Quentin Tarantino was interviewed on NPR yesterday and it was really entertaining - Terri Gross asked him if he ever gets uncomfortable with the violence in his films and he was like, "I've been asked this question for 20 years and it's really annoying." I almost always love his movies and respect that he always distinguishes between real violence and make believe.

  6. Oh! And I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award -->

  7. i've been dying to see Les Mis!!! I hope I can catch it in the theaters before it's out. Can't wait :)