Monday, October 22, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: Rehearsing in the Heat

On Friday, two days before the wedding, I received a call from our venue letting me know that they had power back. Looking back I'm not sure if I misheard or if they meant they had generator power because the following day, as in a few hours before our rehearsal, I received a call hadn't that power hadn't actually been restored, but that they were hopeful. I told the boy, but besides him didn't tell anybody else. So close to the wedding, I didn't want to worry anyone else, and figure once we arrived for the rehearsal we would learn their plan.

As luck would have it, an hour before the rehearsal was scheduled to start power was resorted. (From what I heard the event planner at the plantation was on the phone and online telling the electricity company they needed power back because there was a wedding that weekend.) But while electricity wasn't an issue, the hurricane did cause other problems.
With the amount of rain they'd received the front lawn was wet, and unfortunately the front lawn was where we were planning on having the ceremony. We crossed our fingers that the grass would dry out in the next 24 hours, but made a backup plan to instead have the ceremony in one of the courtyards.

On to the next hiccup, the original plan was for our rabbi to be there to help lead the ceremony. She left New Orleans at noon for our 3pm rehearsal, for a drive would would normally take around an hour. Except at quarter after 3, she still wasn't anywhere nearby, and instead Caity, our contact at the venue, helped to give direction. (And in case your curious, I think she finally made it in around 4, and decided to spend that nith in with a friend in Baton Rouge instead of basically turning right around.)
It was so hot this day (which why you can basically see the sweat pouring off me), so we tried to get things down as quickly as possible. We lined up in order, then went to the ballroom where we'd start our walk to practice processing.
Our ring bearer and flower girl practicing their walk down the aisle
When it came time for me to walk down the aisle someone (I'm guessing Bridesmaid Chicago) got everyone to hum, "Here comes the bride."
The bridal party waiting for the bride
From there, with only one practice run, but everyone dying from the heat we were finished and ready to head out to dinner.

One quick word about the "attire" of the rehearsal. It was my original plan to buy a cute purple dress to wear to the rehearsal. Except that never happened. I figured I could buy it in the last days before the wedding, but instead dealt with a hurricane. I probably could have come up with a cute outfit out of clothes I already had, but after feeling miserable that morning, I just wasn't up to it. So instead you see me in the picture below in jeans and an LSU t-shirt. (And while you may not be able to see all of me, you can see my outfit, plus it gave me an excuse to share this cute photo!)
How many times did you actually rehearse at your rehearsal? And what are your thoughts on appropriate wedding rehearsal attire?

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