Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Drive Home

After watching LSU add another tally to their win column, we met up with some of the boy's college friends at Freebirds.
For anyone from Louisiana, Freebirds is basically the original Izzo's. I beleive the owner of Izzo's even went to A&M, and came to Louisiana to open a startlingly similar franchise. Although Freebirds did have a few other burrito options, and was just as delicious as Izzos.
Sunday morning far too early, we were on the road back to Louisiana. Although first we had to make a detour at Panera. Hopefully the long awaited Baton Rouge Panera will be opening in the next year or so, but until that I have to have it whenever I have the chance.
While I'm a much bigger fan of lunch at Panera, given the time we were on the road, I made the best out of an already positive situation and enjoyed a sausage and gouda souffle, french toast bagel, and pumpkin spice latte before getting back on the road. Thankfully for this trip traffic was much more normal, and we were welcomed back to Louisiana and Baton Rouge by early afternoon.
Welcome to Louisiana
Do you have a Panera near you? (If so I'm insanely jealous!) And any guesses on how long it will take to FINALLY have a Panera in Baton Rouge?


  1. Panera is one of those places I think I take for granted because we've always had it! Hope it's opening near you soon...

    You have so much in the south that I wish we had! Like Zaxby's and McCormick's!

  2. Freebirds! We had one in CA where I went to college. I haven't been there in years!

  3. I like the cheese souffle. We got a Panera a few years ago. I like it but my husband does not so we rarely go. If one was close to my work, I'd be there more frequently.

  4. Panera is my favorite, although any illusions that their food is healthy are just that. Mr. Q wasn't a fan at first but he knows it's my comfort food of choice.

  5. I love Panera! My favorite sandwich is their hot turkey panini with bacon, cheese, and sun dried tomatoes.

  6. FYI-Panera is open in Metairie AND on the northshore in Covington!!!

    you should come visit. we could meet up for lunch at panera. LOL