Monday, October 8, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: A Night on the Town

The Friday night before the wedding was when we planned for my Bachelorette. In a perfect world I would have loved to have it a few weeks before (maybe to make sure I wasn't recovering from it so close to the wedding...or maybe so I could have attention on me at more points throughout the year), but with my bridesmaids living around the country that was the easiest way to make it work.

The original plan was to go out in New Orleans, put with so many roads closed between Baton Rouge and New Orleans we went for a change in venue. As it was my MOH drove from New Orleans to Baton Rouge on Friday (along with her mom, my grandmother, and my godmother) using an alternate route and it took double the normal time. But she made it as did my other bridesmaids, so we were ready to celebrate!
sara - 06
My MOH bought me this cute pink shirt (hard to read but it says "He Put a Ring on it,") and most of the girls had matching black ones. She also gifted me to sash I'm wearing, and had buttons for everyone. (I think I'm wearing mine here, it's just covered by my hair.) Finally she bought me a mini-veil to wear.
sara - 04
We wound up at IPO, which is a new-ish restaurant that opened in downtown Baton Rouge. It's a tapas style restaurant so we all got a few dishes to share.
Crawfish Pot Pie
Would you beleive the only photos I took the whole night were of the food? The photo above is the crawfish pot pie I ordered.
Buffalo Bruschetta
This is the bruschetta my MOH ordered. Photo still by me, although all the non-food photos are by her.
Grits & Grillades
And one more food photo, this one ordered by one of my co-worker friends, grits with a fried quail egg on top.
sara - 05
We also started drinking at IPO. Here I am taking my first shot of the night, a lemon drop. From dinner we started off on our mini bar crawl.
sara - 08
Here is the whole group of us at the first bar of the night. You can also see the matching tank tops here, as well as the buttons everyone's wearing (although not very clearly I know).
sara - 09
I did drink quite a bit, although drank a ton of water too. I think by the time we left this bar I has completely switched over to water. And while it might be a bit foggy, I definitely remember wanting to enter the next bar with a to-go cup of water. While they wouldn't let me bring the to-go cup it, they were nice enough to transfer my water to a new cup. Not that I couldn't have gotten a brand new cup of water there anyways.
Bachelorette Fun
I don't remember exactly what time I made it home, but I do remember being on the couch watching reruns of The Hills waiting for the boy to get home from his bachelor party. He didn't keep me waiting too long though, since I'm pretty sure I didn't even get through an entire episode of The Hills.

How close to the wedding did you wind up having your bachelorette? And did anyone else know that MTV replayed episodes of The Hills late at night? I think I might have to start staying up late just so I can watch them every once in a while.

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  1. Looks like a great time!! I kind of had two bachelorette parties, the first one my bridesmaid and MOH planned and it was two months before the wedding with all my local friends and it was a PARTY. I definitely had wayyy too much to drink that night but had SO MUCH FUN!

    The second one was just two nights before my wedding and was much more low key! I went for mani's and pedi's with all my bridesmaids and then we went for an AMAZING, gourmet private dinner that my hairdressers brother made for us. I had quite a bit of wine that night too but not nearly as much as bachelorette party #1. haha.

  2. That looks like it was such a fun time! I'm glad that you got to go out and celebrate despite the bad weather!