Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tigers vs. Aggies

Yesterday I posted about the first part of our trip to college station. Today is the reason we were there in the first place, so see LSU take on the Texas A&M football team.
We wound up with really good seats. We were field level, one section over from the end zone. Which did mean depending on where the ball was we had to watch on the screen, but it did mean we got to see LSU run on the field. Above you can see our coach, Les Miles, waiting for the rest of the team to exit the locker room.
Here's the team following Mike onto the field,
and kicking off to start the game. A&M did make us look ridiculous the first quarter, and took an early lead of 12-0. But after what seemed like forever we finally scored a touchdown, which led to the extra point in progress below.
At halftime we were leading 14-12, which I'm sure made Coach Miles awfully happy for his media interview.
For years now the boy has been telling me how great the A&M marching band is, since all its members are made up of corps members. It's hard to tell from a picture, but they really were impressive.
A&M Marching Band
The second half was a lot more fun, at least for us LSU fans. And once it was pretty clear we were going to be winning the game, the boy agreed to take a photo.
I'm pretty sure I'm yelling at him to stop making faces here, and even though it's not a perfect photo, there's something I really like about it.
To wrap up, one final shot of the cheerleaders,
The Golden Band from Tigerland
the band,
the team,
Final Score
and the final score.

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  1. Aw, the FTAB (Fightin' Texas Aggie Band) was my favorite part of football (especially since we have been re-building the entire time I was at A&M. Ahem) at A&M.

    I'm sad we "ran out of time" (Aggies never lose), but I'm still excited we're in the SEC!