Friday, October 26, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: The Last Single Supper

After we all melted at our rehearsal, we headed to our rehearsal dinner. We decided to invite all out-of-town guests instead of just the wedding party, and I have to give thanks where they're due because my mother-in-law actually organized the whole event.

The dinner was at Boutin's, a local Cajun restaurant, which is actually where mine and the boy's parents actually met. I've been back several times since both with my parents and my MOH on her first trip out to Louisiana, so it's definitely a restaurant I was familar with and though would be fun for those in Lousiana for their first time.

Since we were getting married on a Sunday our rehearsal dinner was on a Saturday. But not just any Saturday. It was a Saturday in September in Louisiana on opening weekend even, so we had to have the LSU game on throughout dinner.
You could tell who was local pretty much by who was paying attention to the tv. Although since we were only playing North Texas, the Tigers cruised to an easy victory.
We were always supposed to have a limited menu of selections, but since we were only a few days post hurricane the entire restaurant wound up being on that same limited menu. But if I had to guess, I don't think anyone would have been able to tell the restaurant wasn't quite running at normal strength. Some of the options offered were Louisiana redfish, (at least I think that's what this is, it could also be tilapia, maybe?)
steak accompanied by the standard sides of dirty rice, maque choux, and your choice of potato,
and a crawfish platter with both fried crawfish and etouffee.
This is actually what I ordered, although barely ate any. I was still feeling less than stellar, and didn't even take a single photo (all of these are from my dad or other family memebers). The entire time I wanted to be in bed sleeping. I did manage to power through, but looking back wish I had made more of the time with all our friends and family.
While we were in a private dinning room, in the main room, there was live entertainment. But just because we were in a separate room, didn't mean we couldn't walk out and enjoy it.
We had a few guests, including my brother and grandmother below, made it out to the dance floor to practice for the big reception the following day.
Did you wind up inviting all out-of-town guests only the bridal party or some other combination to your rehearsal dinner? And would you have been the one watching the football game or out on the dance floor?

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  1. I would have done neither! Ha! I would have been talking to people most likely. I am not a huge dancer, and I have zero interest in football. ;) It looks like a fun night. Bummer that you weren't feeling all that well that evening, though!!! That is awesome that your grandma was out dancing!!