Tuesday, October 23, 2012

From LA to TX

This past weekend the boy and I were in College Station, Texas to see LSU take on Texas A&M. After we each worked about and half day we were on the road around 1. Of course we hit traffic on the Mississippi River Bridge which is fairly normal. Except once off the bridge we were diverted to Airline since I-10 was closed in between the bridge and Lafayette. So the drive that took me barely an hour the weekend before, took closer to 4 hours this time. And that was just the first half of the drive!

On top of that we also heard on the radio that A&M was being evacuated due to a bomb threat, so we didn't start the trip on the best note. (And I've even left off how I broke my windshield earlier that morning.) But eventually we made it to Texas, and a few hours later College Station.
Welcome to Texas
Our first stop on arrival before we even made it to the hotel, was Gumby's Pizza. This was a favorite of the boy's when he was in school, and he's been talking about these pizza rolls for years.
Gumby's Pizza
I decided to go with a small pineapple pizza. Of course after I ordered the boy told me their pizza wasn't that good. But it was still enjoyable, just didn't have the same garlic buttery gooey-ness of the pizza rolls.

After taking twice the amount of time it should have, it was far too late by the time we made it to the hotel. Especially since they decided to schedule the game for an early 11am kickoff. So we were off to bed, and all to early, back awake.
Waffle for Breakfast
After a kick breakfast at the hotel's buffet we were off to Kyle Field to see the Tigers take on the Aggies.
At Kyle Field
What's the most miserable road trip you've ever been on? (And don't worry, for those that are concerned, I'll be back with pictures from the game tomorrow.)