Tuesday, November 20, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: Getting Prettified

Since we were arriving later than expected, as soon as we reached the plantation our hairdresser got to work. She had been recommended by my SIL and MIL, and while I didn't meet her till my hair trial two days before the wedding, she really was wonderful.
She started off with my bridesmaids and planned on doing my hair last. That way it would have the least time to fall before the actual wedding started. Which was great because it gave me the time to finish the last few programs. Yes, I was still making programs the morning before the wedding, and as it was I probably should have made more because there wasn't a single extra one after the wedding. I guess what I'm trying to say is don't be like me and still be working on projects the morning of your wedding.
We had tons of food to snack on while we were there (partially due to a minor miscommunication by me, but at least no one went hungry). We had drinks as well, on top of the water. I brought a few of those frozen drinks in a bag that have gotten popular lately, and the orange juice you can see was, of course, for mimosas.
Wedding Spread
While I did have a sip of BM Chicago's daiquiri, and maybe a sip or two of champagne, I didn't drink much except for water. My stomach was still covering from the bachelorette two nights ago (although at this point it also could have been nerves), and after remembering how miserable I had been a mere 24 hours ago, I wasn't jumping at the chance to put more alcohol in my bloodstream. But I was finally ready to get my hair done after everyone else had finished.
I hadn't really thought about wearing a tiara until just before the wedding. But lucky for me, my SIL's MIL owns a bridal store, and she lent a few options to try out. Basically, I'm saying I didn't decide on a tiara until the morning of the wedding, and considering that I'm really happy with how it worked out.
I also had our hairdresser attach the veil my grandmother made for me, that way no one would have to worry about messing my hair up attaching it.
As for make-up, all of my girls wound up doing their own. But for me, I always knew I wasn't going to do my make-up for the wedding. I so rarely wear make-up, and when I do, I wear it the exact same way. I never really researched make-up artists, but it worked out where my MIL's friend who does Mary Kay was a willing artist. And considering, I didn't do my own make-up, it's amusing that the only photo I have of the make-up process is me applying mascara myself. (Which is because I can't do the whole "stay still thing," so it's pretty much always been impossible for anyone by myself to put mascara on me.)
Photo by Sabree Hill Photography
While we were getting ready our coordinator at the plantation came by to check in. She also let us know that after taking with the groundskeeper we wouldn't be able to get married on the front lawn as we had hoped. Considering all the rain from the hurricane, they felt the grass was just to wet. They were afraid that with all the foot traffic too much damage would be done. Instead we would have to have the ceremony in the courtyard where we rehearsed. It was a disappointing blow, but it was our wedding day and I was determined not to let anything get me down.

Where did you wind up getting ready the morning of your wedding? And how do you think you would have handled being told to settle for plan B, the morning of the wedding

Unless otherwise indicated all photos in this post courtesy of friends and family.

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  1. I had a plan B change the morning of our wedding too. Our tables had to be re-arranged last minute. The tables I ordered didn't come but larger tables did. There wasn't enough room the way I had planned. I was a little upset because they gave us a head table which I did not want but I had to just let it go.

  2. That is a bummer that you had to change plans, but it sounds like you rolled with it, which is great. I think that is what I would do as well as I honestly think after being a bridesmaid 10 times, I have a different view of weddings and what matters on the actual day... Sure, I'd be incredibly disappointed, but I think I'd focus on the fact that I was getting married and try not to let it upset me too much... But it's hard to say how I would actually be since I have never gotten married!

  3. finishing last minute programs sounds like me on my wedding day with flower arrangements! Love the tiara :)

  4. It's always good to have a back up plan when you plan an outdoor wedding. We did but it turned out to be a perfect day, except for the catering. The food was totally different than what we had ordered. LOL!

    You were a beautiful bride!