Monday, November 12, 2012

Sky with the Iron Fall

Man with the Iron Fists
In case you didn't guess, this wasn't my pick to see. But it actually wasn't that bad. Think of it like the urban streets meets Asia, if that makes any sense at all. There was a love story that I enjoyed, and while that wasn't the point of the movie, it was pretty central to the plot.

As you might expect it was a pretty gory movie, but most of it was so over the top it didn't feel real. It isn't a movie I'm dying to see again, but if it's one you being dragged to see it really isn't that bad.

Another movie I didn't pick. (I just may be saving my picks to get the boy see something he's going to fight against ::cough:: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 ::cough::) But even so, this one really wasn't that bad either. I haven't seen most of the Bond movies. (Growing up my mom and brother would watch them together, and I tended to be in the other room, probably reading.) But even though I haven't seen them, I still know a bit about the old movies, enough to get a few of the references to the older films in this.

I did enjoy this, and do like Daniel Craig as bond. So again, not one I'm dying to see again, but still enjoyable. Although if I had to pick one to watch again, I would probably go with Skyfall.

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