Sunday, December 16, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: Dress Details

In my last recap I got into my dress, but before I move on to our first look, I wanted to share a few more details that brought my attire together.
00016 - Copy
The dress was from Ella Rosa for Private Label, Style #BE118. I absolutely love the photo of it I posted in my last post, but wanted to share a different shot here. One of my favorite details was all the buttons up the back, and while you can see them in the last post as my bridesmaids are zipping me up, part of me wishes I also had a detail shot of the back.
My shoes (first blogged here) were my something blue. They were probably (and by that I mean definitely) too big, even after Bridesmaid Chicago crammed a bunch of moleskin and other things into them to make them smaller. But I really just wore them for the ceremony, and they worked just fine for what I needed them. Plus they made for a pretty picture. While I don't have a pro picture of them, during the reception (and a lot of the formal photos) I wore the same sandals I purchased for my bridal shower.
This jewelry was my something borrowed. It was from the boy's sister and what she wore on her wedding day. Except as you'll probably notice in the photos, while I did remember a detail shot of it, I didn't remember to wear it. I realized I had forgotten it during our reception. At that point I would have put them own, but unfortunately didn't have them on me. I don't think anyone noticed I wasn't wearing jewelry, especially since I rarely wear it. So while I may not have worn a "something borrowed," it was there in spirit.
The garters were actually my something old and something new. The blue one on my left leg was actually my grandmother's garter from when she married to my grandfather. The purple garter was purchased from Michael's in the days leading up to the wedding when I realized I needed a garter to toss, since there was no way I was getting rid of something I'm hoping to pass onto future generations of our family.
I absolutely love the way my bouquet turned out, and how well it matched matched my inspiration. We didn't get a ton of flowers (5 bouquets, 3 corsages, and flower petals with a basket) so my MIL picked them up instead of having them delivered. Seeing all the flowers, especially my bouquet wrapped in the forget-me-not handkerchief my mom gave me barely a month before she passed away, well, that's when it hit me that while my mom wasn't physically there, her presence was still felt. I definitely teared up when I first saw it, but that really was the only time my mom's absence brought tears to me that day. And I know people complain how flowers will die, and they aren't worth the money... but for me they were worth it. I still just absolutely love looking at photos of my bouquet.
I think this photo speaks for itself, but on top is my wedding ring, followed by my engagement ring, and finally the boy's wedding ring.
And since my dress got its moment in the spotlight, here are my girls' dresses which were Dessy Style 2860, on the hangers I gifted them.
With that, here's one final photo of me on the porch of the bridal cottage about to head over to meet the boy for our first look.

What did you use as your "somethings" for your wedding? And if you're not yet married, do you think this is a tradition that you'll be trying to make happen for your wedding?

All photos in this post courtesy of Sabree Hill Photography
with editing by me to protect privacy.

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  1. I adore your bouquet! So much purple and the forget-me-not handkerchief is such a sweet touch.

    My "somethings" were"
    Something old - my locket that was around my bouquet with a picture of my daddy
    Something new - my garter set and jewelry
    Something borrowed - my mom's pearl clutch purse from the 1960's
    Something blue - shoe stickers

  2. So pretty! I love your shoes! Bummer that they were too big, but I am glad you had them on for the ceremony!

    I am not married yet so have no idea what I will do for my 'somethings' but I will definitely do that tradition!

  3. Aw you look beautiful! Love the shoes and jewelry :)

  4. Wow, I totally missed the fact you got married! Congratulations - you looked lovley =)