Saturday, December 1, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: Turtle Time

While the girls and I were getting ready in the bridal suite, and the ceremony and reception spaces were set-up, the boys were gathering in the turtle bar. (Now hopefully the title of the post makes sense and you don't think there's some RHONYC connection here.)
This building had origonally been built as a pigeon roost, and was used in the mid-1800s as a garconniere. (Which basically means it was where the sons of the family would sleep once they became bachelors. After all, you couldn't have unmarried men and unmarried women sleeping under the same roof, could you?)
My dad with his mint julep
According to the boy, the bar was one of the top 10 best stocked scotch bars in the country, and supposedly they had a bottle discovered in an underwater shipwreck by Jacque Cousteau.
Linda - 37
The only photo I have of the boy in the bar, which does at least prove he was actually there.
I don't know what type of craziness occurred in here before the wedding, but given the fact our nephew the ringer bearer was in attendance, makes me a little less worried.
Did the boy's have a place to gather the morning of your wedding? And if you were in the turtle bar, what drink do you think you'd be ordering?

All photos in this post courtesy of friends and family.

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