Wednesday, December 19, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: Ou Est le Groom?

I decided early on I wanted to do our first look on the bridge in the Japanese garden, which by far is one of my favorite locations at Houmas House. Except with us getting ready in the bridal cottage, I was on the complete opposite side of the property from our first look location. Since it was in the middle of the afternoon in the summer in Louisiana, the temperatures were slowly starting to rise, which didn't make for a good equation.

My photographer thinking about the long walk with my dress, asked our coordinator if there was a golf cart we could use. Luckily there was, and our coordinator, photographer, and photographer's assistant were in the golf cart when our photographer asked if the boy knew he was supposed to be in place for our first look.

Now the boy knew we were having a first look, and I asked him several times to look at a schedule. But did I ever come out and say, "Be at the bridge at 4:15 for our first look?" Probably not. Our photographer asked for the boy's phone number to call and make sure he was in place, but I don't actually have it memorized. Luckily my now-SIL was with us at that point and was able to call him and tell him to walk over (since no, he had no idea that's where he was supposed to be).

We drove slowly to the garden, knowing he was on foot and we didn't want to pass him. And when we were just around the corner the cart was stopped and the photographers got out to make sure he was in place. Except he wasn't there. And since his sister called him before we didn't have his phone number.

Our photographer stayed at the location, while the coordinator and I drove to the Turtle Bar hoping someone there would have his phone number. I'm not sure who my coordinator talked to, but they did reach the boy who confirmed he was now in the Japanese gargen, so we were again moving in the golf cart to meet up.

It seems the boy had reached the bridge, got hot waiting, and left to cool down in our reception area. He figured he could cool off and be back before I made it there, but of course that's not quite what happened.

Either way the boy was finally in place waiting on the bridge,
and I stepped out of the golf cart to meet him.
Do you know your signification other's phone number.
(I still don't, but am getting there and now have half of it memorized.)
Or whose phone number do you have memorized? (
I think the only ones I do are my own, my parents' home and cell numbers, and my brother's cell number.)

All photos in this post courtesy of Sabree Hill Photography.

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  1. my husband got a new cell phone and I don't know the number! I have to work harder on that!

  2. You look incredible, and so does your groom (thank goodness you were able to find him ;)). Can't wait to see your first look photos: even though I'm not having one myself, they're still some of my favorite pictures to look at!!

  3. I know Zach's, but he doesn't have a clue about mine!

  4. I want to see more First Look pics!! Glad he ended up in the right spot?!

  5. Aww, sweet! I've always thought I wanted my first look to be when I'm walking down the aisle, but I know that is really hard to do the pictures after the ceremony.

    I do NOT have many numbers memorized at all! If I did not have my phone I'd be in trouble!

  6. Too cute! I didn't memorize Josh's till a few months ago when I had an emergency and learned the hard way!

  7. Ha, that is awesome! I do not have my significant other's phone number memorized at all! I only know my parents, my sister, and my former boss's!