Thursday, December 6, 2012

Giving Thanks in California

On Tuesday I about our Thanksgiving trip to California. Except I never actually got to Thanksgiving. Finally here is the second installment where we're together as a family feeling thankful.

Thursday morning we went over to my Grandmother's house, we're we started making gumbo. And by we, I mean I made the beautiful roux below, while the boy did the rest. And when I say made, I mean the boy added everything to it and stirred. But you all understand, right?
Making Roux
My grandma had the table all dressed up and cooked a ton of delicious food.
Of course, there was a turkey.
The boy made duck and sausage gumbo.
And there were a ton of side option. My plate below has turkey, mashed potatoes, oyster stuffing, green beans, roasted squash, pickles, baby corn, olives (including a few cured by my mom), cranberry sauce, and a roll. My favorites are always stuffing and mashed potatoes, which you could probably tell based on the fact they take up almost half of my plate!
Thanksgiving Plate
For dessert we had pumpkin loaf, pumpkin pie, and cranberry upside-down cake topped with freshly made whipped cream. (This is where my camera flash finally started to work again!)
To end the festivities we all took a group picture.
DSC_3064 (1)
The following day, we drove up to Hollywood to watch the LSU game over lunch at Fuku Burger. I had their Kinoko, which was a burger topped with mushrooms. And while I don't tend not to drink a lot of beer, I could help by try their pumpkin cider.
Kinoko Burger aka Mushroom Burger with Pumpkin Cider
All to soon through it was time for us to fly to Louisiana. Although for one final food photo, here's the salad I bought from LaBrea Bakery to eat on the trip. It was a great time back in California, but too short as always, and hopefully we're able to get back soon.
California Organic Salad
Where do you celebrate Thanksgiving this year? And what's your favorite Thanksgiving dish.

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