Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving in California

I've mentioned how I was in California for Thanksgiving, but till now have yet to blog about it. I have a ton of photos, although every almost every single one of them is of food, so if you weren't hungry before reading this, you will be by the end.

I flew in Saturday, and after getting picked up at the airport my dad picked up dinner at the local Greek restaurant, Cafe Neo. I had their spicy feta chicken wrap, which definitely met the spicy factor. It was good, but next time there I'll probably be ordering something else.
The following night, my dad, brother, and brother's girlfriend all went out for tapas at Cafe Sevilla. We ordered a few things to share, but the one I really wanted to try was, I believe, duck topped with a fried egg.
Yes, I realize these are all awful photos, but the flash on my camera decided to stop working. I wasn't too concerned since it had happened before and fixed itself then. Sure enough halfway through the trip it was back to normal. But we're still left with some awful, but still delicious looking photos, such as this vegetable paella we all split.
Finally for dessert my brother and I split their churros, which is probably my highlight of the whole meal.
The following day (which was Monday), I stopped at Rubios for my fix after renting a car. I got my standard 2 fish tacos with pinto beans. Although I did try them especial (which means with cheese and guacamole), but really couldn't taste the difference. When I had them again the following day, I went back to having them normal.
That night the four of us again went to dinner, this time walking to Number Nine, a Vietnamese noodle shop, where I had chicken pho. My family couldn't believe that this craze hadn't hit Baton Rouge yet, but from the sound of it, I'm sure it won't be too long.
Tuesday, I picked up my BFF/MOH at the airport and we went to lunch at Boudin at South Coast Plaza. I had some type of chicken sandwich (pesto maybe?) and butternut squash soup. The sandwich was enjoyable, but the soup was awesome. I loved the fact that they had dried cranberries in it, and since I have a box of butternut squash soup in my pantry I think that's exactly how I'll be eating it.
After lunch we hung out at the mall and then went for manicures (which I had pretty much peeled off the following day... the main reason I don't get manicures).

Look finally a photo with a person in it!
Us playing around in the Disney store.
Wednesday I picked the boy up from the airport, and we went out for Italian at Michael's with my dad. They started dinner off with a taste for each one of us, which I believe was a fig with prosciutto drizzled with some balsamic.
My appetizer was Cavatelli con Anatra (Hand-rolled pasta with chestnut and braised liberty farm duck). I only wish the picture of this was clearer, because it really was yummy.
My main dish was Vitello alla Milanese (Ciabatta breaded Veal with forest mushrooms, Brussels sprout and roasted potatoes), which is probably my worst photo from the whole trip. But I didn't want you to think you were missing out due to my broken camera. :) Although there's not really a lot to see here since all the vegetables were hidden under the veal.
For dessert I had Cremino di Zucca (Pumpkin mousse with ginger bread), which was easily my favorite part of the meal. I'm really disappointed the photo doesn't do it justice, but the mouse was actually an orange color, and the whole thing was so much better than I expected it to be.
Now that I've written a whole novel, I'm finally ready to start about Thanksgiving itself. So I think that's a good breaking point to end this post.

Did you travel anywhere for Thanksgiving? And which of these dishes do you think you'd most want to try?