Tuesday, December 25, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: Couple Time

After our first look, the boy and I took the golf cart about halfway back to the main house. From there we walked the rest of the way back taking pictures along the way.
Yes, I realize this is the same basic photo just zoomed in each time. And just be warned that you're about to see a ton more photos with us, with a ton more kissing.
I think if I'm going to get a more traditional photo turned into a canvas, it will be the one directly about or the one directly below.
I do realize that the boy isn't smiling in either of these two options, but in someways I think that fits his personality better. At least the personality that he gives off the most, especially when it comes to photos.
We then took a few photos with one of the garconnieres in the background.
The photo above is another artsy type photo that I'd really love to have blown up onto a canvas. (Which makes the total of photos I want on canvas 3. I don't think that's too many, right?)
From there we walked along the path to get some photos with the plantation home in the background.
We took a few photos up close, although I think at this point our smiles are starting to look a little forced. I do still like them, but probably wouldn't list them as my favorite photos for the day. And don't plan on getting them blown up canvas size either.
How many photos did you get blown up to show in your home? Or instead, how many do you think is the right number?

All photos in this post courtesy of Sabree Hill Photography.

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  1. I think 3 is fine! We have yet to do a canvas but i have a huge one in our bedroom. There's not really room for one anywhere else. I really want to do a canvas at some point, though!

    Your pics are GORGEOUS!!!! The one you said is the artsy type photo would be my #1 choice for canvas. Beautiful!

  2. I love the one you called artsy, so pretty. It would make a gorgeous canvas, so would all the others I'm sure! we don't have any canvases, but we have one large framed wedding photo. btw, were you really kissing, or just posing? :)

  3. I love all the photos! It's hard to choose which one is the best - they are all amazing!

  4. Some of those look like paintings, the scenery is so beautiful! I like your "artsy" photo best as well.

    We actually don't have any wedding photos displayed in our house and just now got around to making albums for our parents... we are slackers.