Saturday, December 22, 2012

From Miss to Mrs: A Bridge-y First Look

The boy was finally in place on the bridge in the Japanese garden, as I approached him for our first look.
I look so excited in the photo, where the boy looks almost resigned to the fact he's about to spend far more time then he'd like taking photos in the heat. The boy did tell me several times not to expect a movie moment for our first look where he's gushing over how gorgeous I was, which I think you can kind of tell in the pictures. But even though I wouldn't describe them as magical, I still love these photos.
We did spend a good amount of time talking (mainly me wanting an explanation on where he'd been) before our photographer told us it was time to start posing to take pretty photos.
You are about to see a lot of photos of the boy and me kissing, but I guess you all will just have to suffer through it. :)
You can't really tell from the photos, but that bridge is steep. To the point where there's a sign next to it telling you not to wear heels. The sign doesn't make sense until you go to cross it and then, you get it.
Because of the slope, I had second thoughts on having our first look here. But our photographer just told me to do it and wear sandals during the shoot, which is what I'm doing in all the photos. My blue heels were waiting for me in the golf cart.
While the boy didn't have to worry about changing shoes since his were flat, even he had a little trouble not sliding down while kissing on the slope. It's the main reason why his hand looks to tight around mine and awkward against the rail in these shots.
From there our photographer took a few shots up close,
including the one you saw in our thank you cards,
before moving to the front of the bridge to showcase the reason why I chose this location for our look.
Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?
I think these photos make the golf cart ride from the bridal cottage on the opposite side of the plantation, the miss-communication with the boy, and the extra steep bridge completely worth it.
I think the one directly above is probably my favorite of this series, and one I'm thinking of getting turned into a canvas.
Did you decide to do a first look? Or do you think you'll want one when you get married? In both cases, why or why not?

All photos in this post courtesy of Sabree Hill Photography.

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  1. I wanted to wait for him to see me until i walked down the aisle, but now i hear about first looks all the time & am a bit jealous of the pictures!!! Haha. We did do pics w/ the door in between though (so we couldn't see each other) & I LOVE those pictures.

    Your last two pics are my favorites & would be awesome on canvas!! You two are a cute couple! :)

  2. my kids are insisting that your husband is my brother! because he got married recently and he's bald too. :)

  3. We did not do the first look. In fact there are tons of pictures of my husband avoiding me, closing his eyes and be led around. I didn't plan on that but he choose to not see me last minute. It was kind of awkward given our venue.
    I love those pictures. Great shots!

  4. Your pictures are so gorgeous! We didn't do a first look because I wanted to see the reaction when I walked down the aisle. I really wish we had done a first look because he was so nervous that there was no reaction. It was kind of a big let down.

  5. We didn't do a first look because we did something very nontraditional with our wedding. We had our reception a few months after our wedding, so we decided to have a few refreshments with our guests at the wedding (which was held in a library). Zach didn't really want to hang out after the wedding was over, so we had refreshments before the wedding. I wore one of my favorite dresses with my veil, and he wore his suit while we visited with guests.

    Then my husband's grandmother fainted, we had to called the paramedics, and she had to get checked out. We almost didn't get married--and then we were planning to just do it right then so she could go to the hospital. Thankfully, she was revived and was okay, insisting she wanted to stay for the wedding.

    So I went and changed into my wedding gown, and my husband escorted me down the aisle. (My dad passed when I was 16.) We figured since we were entering into this together, why not walk into it together? Plus, we were both feeling very feminist--and since I didn't have my dad to escort me--we didn't want any of that "giving away" business. *lol* After the wedding, which was only seven minutes long (we didn't have a bridal party and nixed some of our readings and such since Momo needed to go to the hospital), we took a few pictures and were on our way!

  6. Love your pics! Your dress is beautiful:)

  7. Wow! Those pictures are so beautiful - that is a stunning setting and I can see why you chose it for your first look. I am not sure what I will do... I always thought I'd want to wait until I was walking down the aisle to see my husband, but I like that the first look is a more intimate moment... Tough choice!

  8. These photos look FABULOUS! I love the colors and the bridge is perfect! What a great decision!

  9. GORGEOUS photos.

    And YOU look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Your groom definitely is smitten and handsome. :)

    Silver's Reviews